Enriched and enlivened

Thanks to all of you at Planet Waves–my life is substantially enriched and enlivened, and sometimes emboldened, by the work you do. I’m a former journalist myself, so I really, truly appreciate the fusion of journalism and astrology, and as someone who mostly covered the arts, I love the many artists you feature. I particularly enjoy the writing of Amanda Painter, Len Wallick, and Eric himself, and I also admire Eric’s new headshots (I used to shoot, too, and a good portrait is a thing of beauty when it’s properly done!) Thank you for providing nourishment for the mind and spirit. Planet Waves is a wonderful resource–your work, all of you, is of inestimable value in these precarious times. I’m very thankful for you all (all y’all) in this season of gratitude and thanksgiving.

A heartfelt thank you

I want to say a heartfelt thank you for all the gifts that you’ve given me so far….both paid and unpaid gifts….both equally valuable because of the thought that goes into each gift as it is given. I have enjoyed and immersed myself in every one of them. I have and continue to be an avid follower of Planet Waves and have enjoyed and found value in every one of the forecasts and readings that I’ve had access to.
–Priya Desikan