So Amazingly Dialed-In

“This reading is so amazingly dialed-in that I can’t believe it wasn’t written specifically for me. Thank you, Eric, for tying together many strands of intuition of which I was vaguely aware: now I can begin to own and embody them with confidence.

“It’s time for Aries to stop acting like babes in the woods so that we can start acting like Babes In The Woods! Thankfully, you remind us that this transformative journey has the potential to be as joyous as it is profound.”

— Anthony

Life enhancing ideas; helps me to ask the right questions.

“Thank-you for these readings, filled with life-enhancing, creative ideas. Helps me to continue to ask the right questions. To be open, curious and engaged. A refreshing orientation. And as I purchase the full twelve signs, I learn lots of astrology too. Appreciate you being so transparent with your technique/method.”

— R.T.

Learned more than I could have ever conceived

“I’ve been listening to Planet Waves FM for years and this is one of my personal favorites among absolute best editions. I like to think I know my history, but I learned more here than I could’ve ever conceived. Time well spent. Thanks, Eric.”
— Lesley Doetsch Phillips

Uncanny; He was my lifeline

I’ve known Eric Francis and his work since 1997; we did a phone reading. He was my lifeline, which helped through 15 years of raising two boys solo, and still he’s still helping me through life/identity crisis, post children…his vision is uncanny — he seems to know Taureans better than we know ourselves.
—  Leo L.

His Work is Revolutionary

I am subscribing to BSP, not because I will even have the time to participate as I should, but because I want to support Eric and his comrades.

His work is revolutionary. He is a revolutionary. I go to his Facebook page whenever I want to read about the current events/news BEFORE I go to newspapers.

His dedication to truth and education is ever more important.

Onward and upward.  

— Susan Dollenmaier

Vital For My Healing and Development (And Sanity!)

From the daily/weekly/monthly horoscopes to access to the Intelligent Oracle and the Celtic Wings tarot spread and PW FM — to have all that available and more — it’s been absolutely vital for my healing and development (and sanity!) over the past three years. 

— Patricia Sanders

Steadiness, Guidance and Insight – Copied Horoscopes Into My Journal Verbatim

Throughout, Planet Waves has been a hand I could reach out to for steadiness, guidance and insight. I often copied horoscopes into my journal verbatim because they were exactly what I needed. I just can’t thank you enough…

— Patricia Sanders