A huge parallel

I especially loved the information on the transits from two years ago to now, with the quote about the client and how much life has changed from then to now. A huge parallel there.

Very accurate with the 8th house and relationships, contracts and negotiations as well as the matrilineal ancestral stuff pertaining to marriage and partnership — all things I’ve been navigating and dealing with over the past few months, finally bringing to a place of resolution on my own terms and releasing history that isn’t mine.

That last part about not being able to work in a corporate environment and the work must be loving as well as spiritual was especially heartening to hear. I made a huge shift in the work that I do about two years ago, and although it can be challenging to be an energy worker and intuitive with loved ones not quite understanding my path fully, I’ve never looked back. This was a BIG affirmation that I’m on the right track and to keep moving forward. Thank you! The service you provide is so appreciated!

— Winter Clark

No-one can write like Eric

I’ve valued your hearts, wisdom, and work for years, and share this information with friends and family over and over again, because in my opinion no one can write like Eric; it is such a gift and yes I realize a cultivation of life’s purpose and work as well. It is so multi-dimensional, and purposeful. I feel that through the pages, and words, and so does the world. Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate you.
Christina Marie

Hope for Humanity

There is Hope for Humanity… There is!
Thank you Eric, for this brilliantly written (as ever) piece. How you manage to pull all the threads together in such a coherent way is beyond me. But I’m so grateful that you do.

Planet Waves continues to inspire and surprise me, and to “knock it out of the park,” even after all these years!

— Linda Rock

Bought readings for my daughter, cousin and a friend

Again. Uncanny. Wow. Totally on point. So much so, I bought readings for my daughter, cousin and a friend as gifts.

But the best part isn’t the accuracy and jaw-dropping empowerment I felt; it was the delivery. Eric is so personable, so funny, so engaging, yet able to cut right to the core — it’s like talking with a good friend who loves you and respects you, and wants to see you have the best in life, and is willing to do away with bullshit by being straight and to the point in the most loving, supportive and encouraging way. I need to talk to MYSELF the way Eric talks to us! Thank you so much.
— Glinda W.

major influence over my profound immersion

Dear Eric, I’ve been following you since 2010 and you’ve been a major influence over my profound immersion into astrology. I’m reading through the Gemini intelligence reading you just wrote and I have to say, you are so spot on and with such subtlety of my psyche that I’m experiencing profound gratitude for your work, your trust in what your mind and intuition picks up, and your devotion to your calling.

The piece on Absolus (1st house) and on trust (8th house) has revealed a hidden factor that was in process in my field. Thank you.

I’m not even done reading through but had to write you right away :)

Blessings to you,

— Jean-Manuel

It’s never been better

Eric your writing has gotten even more beautiful and spot on; I’ve just read your Monday morning horoscopes. This space or place, that you’ve claimed as your own is amazing… I’ve read your work for years — it’s never been better, and that’s saying a lot! Thank you, and your team. You’re just the best.

— Dorothy Rodriguez