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So Grateful

“I loved the Taurus reading. It felt like he was in the room, just without a body. With eyes closed, he was here! It’s an accomplishment of communication in my book. Let alone the content…” — So Grateful, R


Eric, you are an extraordinary person. Your written readings and audio sessions are so “right on” for me. You eloquently present concepts that often hit a nerve, open a door, or give me insights that I may never have discovered but for your words. It has taken me many years of listening to your work to fully appreciate the detailed astrological aspects of your readings – the conjunctions and squares and hypothetical points and amazing, distant solar system bodies like Sedna that almost no one else talks about – but your down-to-earth (hahahaha – I’m Taurus), practical descriptions of how…

Internal processes, collective processes

My man and I discussed the RESET Sun-sign readings seemingly like vertical (internal processes) alignment/integration, and the rising-sign readings feeling more horizontal (collective processes). Our signs: Cancer Sun – Taurus Rising, Aquarius Sun – Leo Rising. Wondered if some of your readers’ case studies/stories in relation to Intelligence would be interesting. Just an afterthought re: the feedback from yesterday. — Rebekah O’Rourke

Wow!! Spot On

Wow!! Eric! Your fall readings are spot on, in terms of what I’ve been experiencing this year as an Aries with Taurus rising, you explained or confirmed the changes I’ve been going through…While I’m listening I shake my head and I’ve got a big smile on my face, because this year really has been an internal journey. Another amazing reading. Thank you! — A. Wilson

Captured the Last 5 Years / Amazing

I cant imagine how Eric could have captured the last 5 years for me, in this reading, amazing. I have Taurus rising and Cancer sun sign, so my transition times put the blender up to full speed from 2012….I am continually reassured by Eric’s work that the path can be followed, in unique ways with hills to climb, unexpected turns of events, different views and deep slopes down and then across roads to decide which way this time. — P.J.

Some kind of blessing

Eric, today was quite the day. I’ve now read the above horoscopes for my Sun, rising and Moon. Amazing how this works — how you nail it. Also, your annual reading, The Art of Becoming, for Taurus, was akin to some kind of blessing — poetic, all the way through. Thanks for your work. One of a kind. Treasure. — Dorothy Rodriguez

I can go with the flow

Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you for The Art of Becoming. As usual, I have so enjoyed your writing and your insight; and I have my fingers crossed that as a Taurus and reading the effects of Chiron, I can go with the flow and change my life for the better. I am now going to head straight into the unknown and start a business of my own so that I can create what I feel is something I am proud to put into the world. Something of beauty. I have the moral support thankfully of my husband…

Uncanny; He was my lifeline

I’ve known Eric Francis and his work since 1997; we did a phone reading. He was my lifeline, which helped through 15 years of raising two boys solo, and still he’s still helping me through life/identity crisis, post children…his vision is uncanny — he seems to know Taureans better than we know ourselves. —  Leo L.

Fully appreciate it now

I read this at the beginning of the year and again just now. To be honest, I didn’t truly understand it then but only fully appreciate it now after having experienced it. Incredibly insightful. Thank you. — Alison

So perfect, it’s poetic

The Taurus horoscope is so perfect, it’s poetic — but that doesn’t say much — so many of yours are, Eric. But this one comes at the watershed moment: the energy that hiding any part of ourselves takes and just what it means to stand up to the “father figures” (may I add authority figures?) — the nerve of me! A mid-life woman ready to bust out — how dare I?! How dare I not is more like it. Thank you; you’re damn good. — Dorothy Rodriguez