Personal journey

The 2 Sag reports — last year’s and this year’s along with the Vision Quest report — all feel very personal. I have learned so much and gained many insights as to what the heck is at work in my life. About a week ago I went back and listened to last year’s Sag report and was blown away by how it seemed to describe my personal journey.

An Old Friend

I never cease to be amazed at how many times, during my birthday year, I refer back to the annual edition of my birth sign report that you offer.

It is amazing to me, that no matter what time of the birthday year I refer back to it, it has something to offer. To me it has become not only an annual upcoming preview of one’s year ahead, but a continual informative year long reference guide.

I am anxiously looking forward to my upcoming annual edition for Sagittarius for 2016…

Thank you Eric, first and foremost for all the deep concentrative work that you put into these reports; and secondly for inclusion of the asteroids which are so important in adding an in-depth dimension to the reading. More times than not, asteroids are neglected to be included in astrology reports.

Blessings to you Eric… keep up your wonderful work!
— Ann Cortese, 87, B.S., M.P. S