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So inspiring

Today I was listening to last year’s reading and I kept feeling that I needed to get this year’s reading; I’m so glad I did. It answered everything, or at least helped me to realize I’m okay and actually very excited. The past few years have really been building up for us goats and my life has been a pure reflection of it all throughout the years…this reading is so inspiring. –Rhonda Benson Post Views: 0

Extreme restlessness

Dear Eric, I am very happy with the Capricorn Birthday Reading 2017! Now I finally have an idea what this extreme restlessness and these bursts of anger and energy could mean. Also it is good to hear that my current inconsistency belongs with me. I really am changing and this is very good for me and my life. Love, M.L. Post Views: 1

Talking directly to me

After listening to the Libra Tarot reading that was sent out, I decided to order the full birthday reading. I am absolutely impressed with my Libra birthday reading! It’s like Eric was talking directly to me. Everything he said is what has been happening. The last year has been a tremendous challenge in pretty much all areas of my life, but the birthday reading gives me hope that I really am on the right track. Thank you for such a great birthday reading Eric! Longtime Planet Waves fan. — S.R. Post Views: 0

Getting off the grid

Thanks very much for these readings. I appreciate your insights and reflections on getting off the grid and using creativity and art as a path. I was also surprised to hear about Capricorn reducing things to minimal needs — I hadn’t heard that before. — Marita Post Views: 0

Face the future full-on

Eric, As always, your reading is spot on and validates what I am experiencing in life at this time. The sheer acknowledgment that as a Libra I need balance, beauty and aesthetics in my life to make me tick on, balanced, in my day-to-day endeavors and consequently some very huge endeavors for the year was just what I needed to keep going. I have been struggling for about four years now on the idea of safety and security within myself instead of in outside sources. This will be put to the test this year (as if it hasn’t already been…

Turn up the flame

Awesome, so uplifting and so ‘IT’ — a wonderful birthday message (plus the Cervantes quote). Back in Jan/Feb when I was listening to the 2016 annual, you stated that we Librans would be well-advised to buckle down and really ‘do the work’ — the step-by-step, day-to-day actual practice of manifesting our goals and desires with ACTION — and that this would be the best possible way to prepare for the time when Jupiter entered our sign (Sept 9th). I took those words to heart, it became a mantra of sorts, and I can tell you that it was the best…