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Never Disappoints

“I am very glad that this is still an ad-free service; so many sites are almost unusable. The work that Eric does is fabulous and never disappoints.” — Thora Becker
“My life is enriched immeasurably by Eric Coppolino’s courage and his entire operation and team.” -- Kristi, in Vancouver

Absolutely Amazing!

“The monograph is absolutely amazing! I’ve printed it out and will read it more than once. Eric writes like Alexander Hamilton! I’ve been teaching myself astrology for many years now, but I have a long way to go. I love how Eric just breaks it down and turns it into common sense.” — B. Farrar


“I’ve been reading Planet Waves for years, steering folks your way for truth and insight…YOU ARE THE BEST, no doubt about it! I read and read and read, but always get confirmation as to ‘what’s really what’ and what it all truly means from Planet Waves.” — L. Williams

Holy Crap!!!

“Holy crap!!!! That was one of Eric’s best articles EVER. Thanks for the reality check! By the way, this article prompted me to get my mom a Core Community Membership for Mother’s Day 🙂 She was blown away too!” — Jen R.