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A Visionary; Grounding Force

“Eric is a visionary…. He and the team have been the only grounding force for me in the last couple of chaotic years…. something which I truly value.” — J. Palmer-Kearns, Core Community subscriber  Post Views: 0

Truly Gifted

“Eric is truly gifted and dedicated to his calling. Making his stellar work a part of my life is an honor and a true blessing.” — Kathleen Sullivan, Backstage Pass subscriber Post Views: 0

Keeps Me Aligned with True North

“I am so deeply grateful for the work you all do; it helps keep me aligned with True North. I’m looking forward to yet another trip around the Sun with Planet Waves.” — Tenaya McCrainie, Core Community subscriber Post Views: 0

Impressed by Depth and Attention to Detail

“Every time I look at one of your horoscopes or any of the other articles, I am impressed by their depth and attention to detail. It’s such a relief and reassuring to read something meaningful and intelligent in these times! Thanks for putting all that hard work in for us!” — D. Knack, Core Community subscriber Post Views: 0

Cohesiveness Amidst Multiple Influences and Social Fragmentation

“I support you as I can now. I find comfort in your ability to create cohesiveness amidst multiple astrological influences and social fragmentation. I admire your stamina, for it seems not so easy to be an active astrologer. You bring more than astrology to the table and I think your readers appreciate it.” — Laurie Burnett, my first astrology teacher; uncredited coauthor of Pluto: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul. (She turned me onto both Alice Bailey and Chiron, way back in 1994) Post Views: 0

So Grateful

“I value your work very much and have told many friends about you, as well. I’m not sure how I would have managed the last two years without being able to lean into both the astrological reports and the journalism. I am so grateful to have found you on youtube several years ago.” — Angela L.F., Core Community subscriber Post Views: 0

Most Excellent

“I am definitely going to renew my subscription to this most excellent service… I must be reading and listening to Eric on a regular basis or certainly I will die.” — Leonard Fenlon, Core Community subscriber Post Views: 0

Master of the Art

“Eric is so much the master of the art that the word ‘horoscope’ is simply inadequate.  In his hands, these become exquisite morsels of oracular wisdom, which never fail to teach about not only astrology, but the art of writing and life itself.” — S.V. Emory, on Planet Waves Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes Post Views: 0