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Well Worth the Investment

“I just listened to my Sun Sign (Aquarius) and Rising (Leo) and enjoyed Eric’s outlook on life in crazy times. Like Abbott and Costello and Shakespeare’s clowns, Eric makes me smile and his work is well worth the investment.” — Robin Cuddy on the Metamorphosis Autumn 2021 readings 

Fantastic Reading

“Just listened to Metamorphosis. Fantastic reading as always. Eric Francis and Planet Waves are a valuable resource of the highest quality. Thank you!” — Kathleen Sullivan

Resonates so Deeply with Me

” ‘I don’t think he likes me anymore’ – ha ha ha! What a treat, dear Eric – on splendid form! ‘I run my life’ – yes… Needed to be made aware of this – so true, and so helpful what you say about leadership… Everything you say resonates so deeply with me – especially the stuff you say about family. Thank you so much for this fascinating, funny and helpful video.” — Liz Glanville, on the Metamorphosis Autumn 2021 reading for Cancer

WOW, Incredibly Accurate

“WOW, your extended sign description for Gemini is incredibly accurate for me… It really resonates with the reality of life up to now. And I’m delighted you are beginning to use the 7 rays. I have Alice Bailey’s book on Esoteric Astrology but have not found it easy to read! Best wishes and gratitude to you and your team” — Carol Erlund

So Grateful

“I loved the Taurus reading. It felt like he was in the room, just without a body. With eyes closed, he was here! It’s an accomplishment of communication in my book. Let alone the content…” — So Grateful, R

Very Helpful

“I’ve listened to my Pisces astrology studio for 2021-2022. Thank you it is helpful to know the “taste” of the coming months. Éric, your voice is music. I made sure I listened with eyes closed, to fully get every detail.” — M. Ouellet

I Finally Found an Astrologer Who Truly Understands

“BUT THEN, I came across your work and I am a person who is utterly renewed. I finally believe that I have found an astrologer who truly understands the 12th house life and who truly has a grip on the wonderous difficulties of living the karmic life of a Chiron aspected Aries. So thank you, Eric, for your work on these most difficult issues, it has been just amazing to listen to your profoundly encouraging astro-raves! I cannot recommend you enough, more power to your work, it is so necessary in this day and age.” — L. Allen