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Sanity & Sanctuary During These Crazy Times

“Thank you Eric & the Planetwaves team, I’m in awe of the enormous work you do, the relentless truth seeking & telling & place of sanity & sanctuary during these crazy times. Where will it end? We shall see … I also love Lanvi Nguyen’s gorgeous images 😊 bless you for all that you do & other everyday miracles” — Nelly Debeney, Core Community subscriber

Deeply Grateful Beyond Words

“There has to be a bigger word than THANK YOU for all your incredible work, and that of your team as well. You are one of only a very few people I know who validates my knowledge and learning about all of the above – some days it is hard to hold on, BUT I am a seeker of Truth and always have been. When I first started teaching Holistic Nursing in 1985, I used to tell my students that ‘my job was to help them feel ignorant,’ as old beliefs first had to be deconstructed before there was space…

The Path of Integrity

“Thanks for all you do, and for imprinting on Earth the so-much needed path of integrity. I’ve been a listener for soooo many years.” — Maria Rincon on Planet Waves FM

Detailed, Intelligent, Well-Researched

“Dearest Eric,You are amazing! As a long-time subscriber and follower, I want to let you (and your staff) how much I appreciate the detailed, intelligent and well-researched information you provide and share. Huge love and congratulations on your 24 years of no-ad insights and reporting.” — Bambi Forbes

So Deep in So Many Ways

“It’s amazing how Eric is able to go so deep, in so many ways.” — Narelle Claire, Core Community subscriber

Just Gets Better and Better

“Dear Eric ~ A note of thanks…FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO!!!! Each week I swear, the insight you share along with the way in which you share it…just gets better and better and better. I LEARN SO MUCH & feel seen, heard, vindicated. Having been someone who KNEW of this corruptionand false narrative SINCE THE 90’s and have chosen a path as a Holistic Healer for over 20 years now…. this moment on one hand, is actually DEEPLY RELIEVING (as many are arriving at this place where I was called crazy, for oh so long) but on the other hand,…

Shrewd and Sensitive

“Eric Francis is a very nice chap — and a clever one too. He writes with a rare combination of passion and insight and his astrological judgments are both shrewd and sensitive.”  — Jonathan Cainer (1957-2016), horoscope writer, The Daily Mail

Never Disappoints

“I am very glad that this is still an ad-free service; so many sites are almost unusable. The work that Eric does is fabulous and never disappoints.” — Thora Becker