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“Thank you for the incredible opening intro. How wonderful to feel a safe and lovely moment. Well done, Eric. You are a master.” — Colleen Mallette, on the Inner Space 2023 Annual Readings Post Views: 0

Amazing Insights; Spot On

“Wow, I am beside myself after reading my Cancer Sun & Capricorn Rising Pluto in a Strange Land readings! All of the timing and keywords you spoke of were spot on for me, especially the Community Trustee theme, as I fell into Chamber of Commerce responsibilities recently. Amazing insights and advice, thank you!” — Lisa Moffa, on the 2023 Pluto in a Strange Land Spring Readings Post Views: 0

Wow — So Nice to Be Understood

Wow, Eric Francis, so NICE to be understood. I’m to not sure which I wanna do first, run around the farmette, leaping for joy or lay down and have a nap! What the heck, I’m a Scorpio: I’ll do it all. It’s so nice to be understood. OK, I said that already. Hearfelt thanks. — Cate Coburn, on the Inner Space 2023 Annual Reading for Scorpio Post Views: 0


“I’ve been a Planetwaves reader since the 90’s … I’m an astrology junkie but Eric is still THE. BEST.” — Nikke Slight Post Views: 0


“I am listening to Inner Space which is amazing. Eric’s words, as I have gotten this far, are ringing so true in this heart beat.” — Kenneth Ballard on the 2023 Annual Inner Space reading for Pisces Post Views: 0

Gift Reading a Big Hit

“My son, Chrys, is loving his Aquarius reading. He feels like it is speaking directly to him, and that Eric truly ‘gets’ him. I am jazzed that Chrys feels so seen, and that he’s gaining insight and perspective into himself. He was excited for me to listen to the audio, too, so I could ‘understand more about my son.’ Yes, that always a good thing!” — Dawn Petersen, on the 2023 Inner Space reading for Aquarius Post Views: 0

Revealed Things I’ve Suspected But Denied

“Regarding Inner Space: I feel as if Eric was talking directly to me. He said things I have been afraid to say to myself and revealed things I’ve suspected, but denied. Good stuff and a lot to consider…past, present and future.” — Steve Guettermann, on the 2023 Annual Inner Space Reading for Sagittarius Post Views: 0

Solid Gold

“I’m blown away. Flattened. Uplifted and Inspired. And I’ve only listened so far, haven’t even gotten to the written reading. The stunning level of accuracy concerning what I’ve been going through, where my heart and mind are focused, what I’m trained on building for myself — all of it seems like it was written precisely for me alone. And I’m so grateful, as I really need insight I can trust and utilize in very practical ways. The depth and reaches of what you said, what you pointed to, how you drew my focus on the NOW and the soon-to-come were like a…

Such a Strong Resonance

“Just wanted to say I could hardly read my reading all in one go because I felt a strong vibration of resonance in my body as I read your words for 2023’s astrology.  You are a true healer, I cannot recall reading something that made me vibrate like that.  I love you and your work so much!” — Elizabeth Hardwick, on the 2023 Annual Inner Space reading for Pisces Post Views: 0


“Thank you, thank you, Eric! Well done! I just managed to download them all to get them printed. Wow… What an amazing amount of inspiring information.” — Corina, on the 2023 Inner Space Annual Readings Post Views: 0