Planet Waves

Amazing Insights; Spot On

“Wow, I am beside myself after reading my Cancer Sun & Capricorn Rising Pluto in a Strange Land readings! All of the timing and keywords you spoke of were spot on for me, especially the Community Trustee theme, as I fell into Chamber of Commerce responsibilities recently. Amazing insights and advice, thank you!”

— Lisa Moffa, on the 2023 Pluto in a Strange Land Spring Readings

Gift Reading a Big Hit

“My son, Chrys, is loving his Aquarius reading. He feels like it is speaking directly to him, and that Eric truly ‘gets’ him. I am jazzed that Chrys feels so seen, and that he’s gaining insight and perspective into himself. He was excited for me to listen to the audio, too, so I could ‘understand more about my son.’ Yes, that always a good thing!”

— Dawn Petersen, on the 2023 Inner Space reading for Aquarius

Solid Gold

“I’m blown away. Flattened. Uplifted and Inspired. And I’ve only listened so far, haven’t even gotten to the written reading. The stunning level of accuracy concerning what I’ve been going through, where my heart and mind are focused, what I’m trained on building for myself — all of it seems like it was written precisely for me alone. And I’m so grateful, as I really need insight I can trust and utilize in very practical ways. The depth and reaches of what you said, what you pointed to, how you drew my focus on the NOW and the soon-to-come were like a solid gold reading.”

— Lindsay Curren, on the 2023 Inner Space Annual Reading for Libra

Absolutely Blown Away

“Immediately listened to Aries last night, and read the accompanying PDF. Absolutely blown away by the insight. It’s as if Eric is talking directly to the reader, as if we are in the same room. The themes, and the timing of his discussion of past and present are spot on. I urge everyone to put down what you are doing, find a quiet centered place, and listen. I plan on re-listening often. The Inner Space reading also made me go back to the Aquarian Era writings and musings, as well as the prior yearly annual reports. This is clearly the most insightful reading I’ve ever experienced.”

— Thomas Erdman on the Inner Space 2023 Annual Readings

Cohesiveness Amidst Multiple Influences and Social Fragmentation

I support you as I can now. I find comfort in your ability to create cohesiveness amidst multiple astrological influences and social fragmentation. I admire your stamina, for it seems not so easy to be an active astrologer. You bring more than astrology to the table and I think your readers appreciate it.”

— Laurie Burnett, my first astrology teacher; uncredited coauthor of Pluto: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul. (She turned me onto both Alice Bailey and Chiron, way back in 1994)

So Grateful

“I value your work very much and have told many friends about you, as well. I’m not sure how I would have managed the last two years without being able to lean into both the astrological reports and the journalism. I am so grateful to have found you on youtube several years ago.”

— Angela L.F., Core Community subscriber

Amazing Reading

“What an amazing reading – a lot to take in. I confess that I found it really unsettling, to say the least, the prospect of months and months of Mars in Gemini – and the challenges, the digging, the vulnerability just never seem to end. But I think I’m already picking up on a lot of the stuff you describe  – a lot of tough family shit hitting the fan since before last Christmas… I will need to listen to this again… As always, your readings communicate so much care, love, and passion, and the desire to help us to find a way through it all – full of amazing advice and guidance.  Thank you.”

— Liz Glanville, on Your Future. Your Life 2022 Midyear Reading for Cancer

Most Excellent

“I am definitely going to renew my subscription to this most excellent service… I must be reading and listening to Eric on a regular basis or certainly I will die.”

— Leonard Fenlon, Core Community subscriber

Resonates Almost Too Much

“I read my sun sign (Aquarius) as well as rising sign (Capricorn) horoscopes just now. Both resonate almost too much with who I am and the life I have been given to live. But it’s so wonderful to be “understood” by your work. Thank you always for truth-telling, and not just in the horoscopes. You are a precious gem in my life.”

— E. Metz, subscriber

Wildly Impressed

“Well…just listened to Tune In for Taurus, and I am both wildly impressed and comforted by how right on your reading is….I really thought I was doing something unmentionable in my current spiritual quest…which has not kept me from talking about it with a few close friends. Now at least I can carry on without the thought that I’m beyond the pale, so to speak. Instead, I seem to be bringing the pale with me…I’m right on schedule! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your gifts and your generosity!” — Wendy Wolosoffhayes

Uplifting, Provocative, Deep; Stellar Work

“Having made my way through most of the signs for Tune in 2022, I wanted to convey my appreciation for such stellar work. I found the readings to be a blend of uplifting, provocative, deep, and with a call to be our best selves. I marvel at the power of the sun sign method and Eric’s mastery in conveying the wisdom available to all of us through the charts. In these very disturbing times, our higher selves need to be utilized, in fact, I am not sure how else to navigate as old ways of being no longer serve in the mayhem. May we all engage with purpose and continue to support PW in small and large ways so that we can have access to independent media, outstanding investigative journalism, astrology at depth, and generosity from a small team of peeps. Love to all, Rebekah”

— Rebekah O’Rourke, on TUNE IN 2022 annual readings

Astonishing, Right Down to the Subtleties

“I purchased the Taurus 2021-22 Astrology Studio and this is one of the best readings I’ve ever experienced. …Most importantly, his depth of understanding of the sign of Taurus and the accompanying Whole Sign chart is astonishing, right down to the subtleties. It’s an incredibly vulnerable feeling to be ‘seen’ at such a profoundly, private level. It’s as if my personal subconscious came to light with a new upgrade. Who could ask for anything more from a “general” reading?!”

— Shairy Killian

Profound Reading; Master Astrologer

“I just finished listening to my Taurus Tune in 2022 and wanted to tell Eric Francis what a profound, wonderful reading it was for me. Eric actually saw me….my strengths, weaknesses, and potential. Thank you Eric Francis….you are a master astrologer and now I consider you a spiritual mentor and friend.”

— Esther Zellen, on the TUNE IN 2022 annual readings

Tears in My Eyes

“During my first listen to the reading I had tears in my eyes multiple times at being ‘seen.’ It was poetic to receive your reading of my ‘classic Virgo chart’ as the moon was coming to full in Virgo… thank you, not only for the care you gave this reading, but for the many years of perspective and self-inquiry your writings and readings have provided me over the last 15 years.”

— Kathleen Minogue, on her Chart Keys Reading

Deeply Grateful Beyond Words

“There has to be a bigger word than THANK YOU for all your incredible work, and that of your team as well. You are one of only a very few people I know who validates my knowledge and learning about all of the above – some days it is hard to hold on, BUT I am a seeker of Truth and always have been. When I first started teaching Holistic Nursing in 1985, I used to tell my students that ‘my job was to help them feel ignorant,’ as old beliefs first had to be deconstructed before there was space for the mind to awaken. I also taught the ancient maxim that until the lesson is learned, the teacher will not go away – and they laughed – at first – and as time passed and they did open to ancient truths and new knowledge about healing, and they stopped laughing. This maxim still holds true in all aspects of life and our teachers come in so many forms – we all must realize our ignorance so we can grow – thanks to you and your intelligent work and perseverance, also in search of Truth, I continue to grow – deeply grateful beyond words.”

— Barbara Joyce-Lambert PhD,RN, subscriber (comment on a recent subscriber article)

Absolutely the Best Thing Ever with Regard to the Scorpio Energies

“I’ve been reading the Extended Sign Description for Scorpio that came with the new Scorpio Astrology Studio. I think I’ve probably read it about half a dozen times now. It is absolutely the best thing ever with regard to the Scorpio energies. Thank you Eric, for your wonderful insights on this most difficult energy. Very well done!”

— Larry Allen, on the Astrology Studio for Scorpio 2021-22

Resonates So Deeply

“’I don’t think he likes me anymore’ – ha ha ha! What a treat, dear Eric – on splendid form! ‘I run my life’ – yes… needed to be made aware of this – so true, and so helpful what you say about leadership… Everything you say resonates so deeply with me – especially the stuff you say about family. Thank you so much for this fascinating, funny and helpful video <3″

— Liz Glanville

Fantastic Reading

“Just listened to Metamorphosis. Fantastic reading as always. Eric Francis and Planet Waves are a valuable resource of the highest quality. Thank you!”

— Kathleen Sullivan

Excellent, Pertinent, Humorous

“I have been following Eric off and on for a couple of decades, have always found his writing excellent, humble, humorous, pertinent, and any time I have needed billing or other types of support, the assistance has been immediate and personable. It’s a rare organization that can boast that kind of consistency over decades…I knew if I wanted a thoughtful, mindful, spirit and heart centered navigational tool without unhelpful hype and drama, Eric was my go to guy. Thank you, Eric, my brother fish, for creating a sanctuary for myself and so many others.”

— W.E. Byrne, Core Community subscriber

Such a Strong Resonance

“Just wanted to say I could hardly read my reading all in one go because I felt a strong vibration of resonance in my body as I read your words for 2023’s astrology.  You are a true healer, I cannot recall reading something that made me vibrate like that.  I love you and your work so much!”

— Elizabeth Hardwick, on the 2023 Annual Inner Space reading for Pisces