Planet Waves

Both intrigued and inspired by your unique perspective…

May your eyes be filled with beauty in nature, and your joy increased by the small miracles of flowers and daily life, and your heart be comforted by the feeling of the sunshine on your face, rightness in yourself, and a deep sense of ease.
I have much gratitude for the intelligent way you interpret astrological symbols. It is delightful to listen to, or read, your voice and feel both intrigued and inspired by your unique perspective. I often feel like I want to make a big pot of tea and sit on the porch and chat to you.
I’m tired of the simplistic, and often vaguely incorrect, astrology memes that seem to have become so common.
I appreciate your intelligent use of rhetoric to explore some of the possible meanings of symbols, and your offering them to me through your creative output.

— Jennifer on Eye of the Centaur for Virgo

Your Good Cheer is contagious!

Thank You, Darlink!
This 1941 Capricorn ~ with Virgo rising and Moon, Saturn & Jupiter conjunct in 8th house~
is happily imagining fun in my FUTURE! (having just heard your eclipse message for
Having fun is my assignment for the next phase!!!!
Your Good Cheer is contagious!

— Gayin on Eye of the Centaur for Virgo

Please don’t stop. Such a great service!

Showers of blessings on you, Eric! I bow to you and the ONE within you who has asked you to do this arduous work! I know this was so much more difficult at this time after the loss of your old dog. I feel the sacrifice.
I too feel touched near to tears from listening to your Libra reading/channeling. Being recognized/seen so clearly , intricately is too rare an occasion .. i am moved, enCOURAGEd
to continue my lifelong being on the cutting edge path with much less of my accompanying background uneasiness in my communications and interactions with others. I look forward to spiritual upliftment at the time of the solar eclipse.
I’m new to you, Eric, thanks to Sol Luckman recommending your substack. I thought the audio was going to be you reading the written version. Imagine my surprise to be listening to another reading! And it was awesome! Please don’t stop. Such a great service! It seems like with all the people who purchased it, it was good for you too.
For those who haven’t invested in it yet, it can hardly ever be too late.

— Analaria on Somewhere in Between, The 2024 Annual Edition

Your Capricorn reading is Right On Time for me.

Your Capricorn reading is Right On Time for me. Cap is my Rising (Sun in Pisces) and it’s been a helluva ride. This reading – like most of your writing – gets my wheels turning with more questions. This Pluto transit starting in 2008 has turned me upside down and inside out and now that it’s ending – for good, for real, never again in my lifetime FINAL – it has brought up more stuff just in that retrospective look and also the feeling of letting go of always looking over my shoulder to see what Pluto will serve up, hot and fresh! As an integration exercise I am taking passages of this reading and writing them in a journal and allowing my mind to connect dots and memories and see what the new creation is. Thank you thank you thank you

— Amanda on Somewhere In Between, The 2024 Annual Edition

an intelligent well researched top notch reading…

Just listened to Somewhere in Between for Sagittarius. Eric Francis has done it again! Delivering an intelligent well researched top notch reading. He is among the very best there is and I consider his readings an investment in living my best life. Invest in yourself and get Somewhere in Between and subscribe to Planet Waves. Eric Francis is a global treasure. Thank you Eric Francis and your entire team. Wishing you all a fantastic 2024.

— Kathleen Sullivan on Somewhere In Between, The 2024 Annual Edition

you nourish the soul and mind…

Thank you for your vital work, you nourish the soul and mind helping us to navigate through a sea of shit that is this current time.
Just want to know a little more about the impact of a mighty transit like Pluto on one’s rising sign. I bought all 12 because I figured given that I’m Capricorn rising with (Libra sun) it would be just a relevant to me?
You are so appreciated.

— Rhona Cameron on Somewhere In Between, The 2024 Annual Edition

Moved to tears by the Libra video with being seen and being encouraged…

Moved to tears by the Libra video with being seen and being encouraged. Met a brown snake in the henhouse yesterday. They are universally feared for their lethal bite here in Australia. After standing still processing my fears while watching their movement away from me, it arise to thank them for showing up and helping clear out the rodent infestation I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to counteract.
Truly a small vignette of what you are pointing to and I thank you, brother. 💞

— Watersnake on Somewhere In Between, The 2024 Annual Edition

Amazing work and so helpful to read the PDF and listen to the audio.

I have already listened to the Aquarius podcast twice for Somewhere in Between and it is phenomenal. Amazing work and so helpful to read the PDF and listen to the audio.
I am starting a significant life transition and I need this support and guidance. The reading also helps me understand why the past 7 years have felt so unclear and nebulous at time… all of that Neptune.

— Martha Hauser on Somewhere In Between, The 2024 Annual Edition

I can confidently say that I resonate deeply and find myself seen and understood in a new way.

Thank you so much for the written readings for Sagittarius and Aquarius. I have yet to reread them a few times to absorb all this deep and meaningful content. From whatever I was able to grasp in one curious and fast paced read, I can confidently say that I resonate deeply and find myself seen and understood in a new way. I truly appreciate and value the excellent work and beautifully crafted content.

— Silvia on Somewhere In Between, The 2024 Annual Edition

You’ve nailed it with this reading in every aspect and then some.

To Eric and the Planet wave team.
I am 73 today. I am grateful for my long, wonderful, emotional, complicated, often bizarre, always blessed, spiritually driven , standing my ground and following my instincts, tremendously rewarding hard ass life. You’ve nailed it with this reading in every aspect and then some. Incredible time to be alive and to be an eyes wide open witness and a sometimes willing participant. Thank you so much for your expert analyst and amazing skill set. Sending my love and appreciation.

— Glenda Bell on Scorpio Astrology Studio 2024-25

What I felt was something akin to going home – so moving and incredible.

Hi Eric, as the sun entered Sagittarius I started my annual deep sense of longing and sadness. This year, I’ve had enough awareness to know it has something to do with the galactic centre being very close to my south node and square where my sun is in Virgo in my birth chart. So I meditated on it and opened to the feeling. What I felt was something akin to going home – so moving and incredible. Suffice it to say your weekly for Virgo hit the nail on the head! Sending love and thanks, Penny xx

— Penny James on Planet Waves Weekly for Dec. 7, 2023 by Eric Francis

…you and your understanding have kept me grounded when I have the propensity to fly off into the other realm.

You are the most perceptive astrologer I follow. You have guided me through all the Grand Crosses, Pluto changes, and other personal upheavals since 1999. Sometimes I have felt as if you were the “thing” that got me through. With my Sun and Rising Sign in Pluto in the 12th, each 17° above the horizon, you and your understanding have kept me grounded when I have the propensity to fly off into the other realm. Bless you, Eric. And, thank you, too. I so look forward to this year’s guidance.

Jeanne Treadway on Does anyone else do astrology this carefully?

Thanks for the due diligence you show consistently….

Hello Eric. I was impressed with your interview with Regis last year. The whole vetting issue and need for higher standards to keep the trust with anyone presenting themselves is so important. The situation with Poornima Wagh certainly taught me thing or two. I wanted to mention that I came across a post where Poornima listed her credentials and very strangely, she had removed all info stating she had two PHDs, studies at the universities in England. It was all gone, as if that portion of her life actually does not exist, wiled off the record. I will go back and look for this specific post, but I just wanted to add this action of her deleting any mention of Doctorates to her record. What does that tell us? Thanks for the due diligence you show consistently and I appreciate your informative nature.

— Jonathan Lively

What you bring up hits home for me in an incredible way.

“Eric, thank you for this. What you bring up hits home for me in an incredible way. I don’t know what it is, even the way I found your work is a story of cosmic alignment. I just moved to a new country and am having a difficult time adjusting and letting go, have been asking myself all the questions about what it means to belong, to live a life. What is it to really occupy space in this planet. Listening to your work and especially this series on a course in miracles is keeping me centered and always guides me back to the place inside myself that makes me feel whole and that goes with me no matter where I am. I keep trying to find ways to engage and participate with your work but for now all I can really do is listen and share how much what you do helps me out. Got my astrology library ready for when things settle down.”

— Amanda, Long time reader.

We need each other, and we need the truth…

“I think one of the reasons people stay silent, is they feel alone, desperate and weak; also dependent on the system and afraid to act or speak out. We need each other, and we need the truth and encouraging caring individuals to feel support. The numbers are growing, the media channels, the personal sharing, the court cases, the groups, the substack pages, the comments–slowly, the technocratic controlled silence of Pluto in Capricorn will see its end as Pluto finally enters Aquarius, Uranus enters Gemini (US Uranus return), and Saturn and Neptune move into Aries.. . . Sending Love, Support and Blessings You Way. . . . Thank You, again.”

— Hillary Han, Author of Astro Imundo Mews, Substack reader

Voice of reason…

“Thank you Eric for your tireless vigilance and for your voice of reason rooted in corroborated unassailable details across these decades of delusion and collective cognitive dissonance.”

— Andrew Carothers-Liske, Substack reader

Utterly enjoyable

“Thank you!! I’m truly amazed at how much you produce and how it is so utterly enjoyable!”

— Diana Feldman, Substack subscriber

Seems Written Specifically for Her

“Beautiful horoscopes, dear Eric. My Virgo sister’s seems written specially for her, and my Cancer horoscope is inspiring and lovely. Thank you.”

— L. Glanville, Core Community subscriber

Most Accurate I’ve Seen

“Horoscopes are the most accurate I’ve seen. I’ve been reading his for years.”

— H. McFadyen

Helped Me Deeply

“Hello Eric,

“I just want to express my deepest love and gratitude for your three Virgo series. They helped me deeply; restored some sanity and balance that I have been needing, and helped to calm my nervous system. Your words are genius when it comes to interpreting astrology, your voice is calming, and your music is perfect. Thank you dear one. May God continue to bless you.”

M. Galvan, Core Community subscriber, on the September 2023 weekly horoscopes


“One of the biggest chill-bump responses I’ve ever had from a Planet Waves weekly:

When I came to Aquarius (my moon), I gasped at ‘…maybe you’ve had the feeling of…glass embedded in your skin.’

That’s because that physically occurred to me 48 hours ago when I dropped a glass of water in my kitchen. Result? Three small glass cuts on shin, knee & hand. No biggie. Then, this morning, a sliver of glass worked itself out of the sole of my right foot. Again, no biggie.

Then I read my Aquarius forecast and, yowza! It matches my dreams of late, including one revealing that I no longer needed to bear guilt for a life-changing trauma 42 years ago.

I’m still covered in goosebumps, processing this physical AND spiritual revelation.”

— M. Miller, Core Community subscriber, on the September 14th weekly horoscopes

Deeply Affecting

“These September monthly horoscopes are deeply affecting. After reading mine, I sat for a while in silence and a kind of peaceful clarity. Thank you, Eric.”

— C. B. George, Core Community subscriber

Just Hearing You Speak

"Just hearing you speak helps me. Doesn't matter what sign you are speaking of. Thank you for what you do!" 

— Sylvia

Great Post

“Great post, Eric. We definitely need Spirituality to rise to the forefront, and not the phony baloney TV evangelist kind. True Spiritual love and kindness! A real sense of oneness.”

— Jeff Fisher, Core Community subscriber

Loved This

“I loved this little journey with you Eric, to the past and present beauty there in the Catskills. Thank you for bringing us along.”

— Jennifer Dell, Core Community subscriber


“Thank you for the incredible opening intro. How wonderful to feel a safe and lovely moment. Well done, Eric. You are a master.”

— Colleen Mallette, on the Inner Space 2023 Annual Readings

Insightful Beyond Measure

“Long time backstage member, just wanting to say that the valuable and insightful work of Eric Francis is beyond measure. He is a global treasure and having his horoscopes and readings and all the other resources of Planet Waves is a valuable part of my life journey. Thank you, Eric, for all your great work.”

— Kathleen Sullivan, Backstage Pass level subscriber

Common Sense

“’Common sense was common in our society when we believed that which we shared “in common’ was far greater…than the sum of our differences….It’s not too late for us to restore our faith in all that we share in common.”
— Kelly Grace Smith, Planet Waves Reader, on “Whatever Happened to Common Sense,”

Thank G-d(dess)

“Thank G-d(dess), that you are awake and so able to express in words, what so ails the world and Us these days. We who were young, before this New Age, and experienced life in a very different world, can still remember how it was…But it fades even for us unless we are reminded and prompted. I thank you for that. You are a trigger to help us remain connected to each other, this planet, and Mother Nature. May that holy trinity guide us forward again.
Keep up the good work!”
— Avril Drucker, Core Community subscriber

Needs to be Heard

“Articles like this are why I am a subscriber. This voice needs to be heard. Clarity is a virtue.”

— Denis Picard, Core Community subscriber

You Have Always Led the Way

“Dear Eric you have always led the way through the last decade, since the turn towards the new millennium. The calm before the storm, the eye of the storm, and the serenity after the storm has passed, when the peace and stillness soothe the bay so the ships can sail in. The tide has turned and there is better weather ahead. Blessed be, grateful Thanks.”

Pauline J., on the Planet Waves Monthly Horoscopes for July, 2023

Igniting an Internal Flame

“I have subscribed to PW at different levels for many years, and reading the recent articles and their emphases has never felt more like striking a match igniting an internal flame.
Thank you, and thank you to all your really fantastic staff.”

— Ann Roddy, Core Community subscriber

Amazing Insights; Spot On

“Wow, I am beside myself after reading my Cancer Sun & Capricorn Rising Pluto in a Strange Land readings! All of the timing and keywords you spoke of were spot on for me, especially the Community Trustee theme, as I fell into Chamber of Commerce responsibilities recently. Amazing insights and advice, thank you!”

— Lisa Moffa, on the 2023 Pluto in a Strange Land Spring Readings

Most Important Mind of Our Time

“In my opinion, yours is now the most important and original mind of our time, and not just within astrological circles (pun intended).”
— Dale O’Brien, Chiron-focused astrologer and author

Wow — So Nice to Be Understood

Wow, Eric Francis, so NICE to be understood. I'm  to not sure which I wanna do first,  run around the farmette, leaping for joy or lay down and have a nap! What the heck, I'm a  Scorpio: I'll do it all. It's so nice to be understood. OK, I said that already. Hearfelt thanks.

-- Cate Coburn, on the Inner Space 2023 Annual Reading for Scorpio


“I’ve been a Planetwaves reader since the 90’s … I’m an astrology junkie but Eric is still THE. BEST.”

— Nikke Slight

Gift Reading a Big Hit

“My son, Chrys, is loving his Aquarius reading. He feels like it is speaking directly to him, and that Eric truly ‘gets’ him. I am jazzed that Chrys feels so seen, and that he’s gaining insight and perspective into himself. He was excited for me to listen to the audio, too, so I could ‘understand more about my son.’ Yes, that always a good thing!”

— Dawn Petersen, on the 2023 Inner Space reading for Aquarius

Revealed Things I’ve Suspected But Denied

“Regarding Inner Space: I feel as if Eric was talking directly to me. He said things I have been afraid to say to myself and revealed things I’ve suspected, but denied. Good stuff and a lot to consider…past, present and future.”

— Steve Guettermann, on the 2023 Annual Inner Space Reading for Sagittarius

Solid Gold

“I’m blown away. Flattened. Uplifted and Inspired. And I’ve only listened so far, haven’t even gotten to the written reading. The stunning level of accuracy concerning what I’ve been going through, where my heart and mind are focused, what I’m trained on building for myself — all of it seems like it was written precisely for me alone. And I’m so grateful, as I really need insight I can trust and utilize in very practical ways. The depth and reaches of what you said, what you pointed to, how you drew my focus on the NOW and the soon-to-come were like a solid gold reading.”

— Lindsay Curren, on the 2023 Inner Space Annual Reading for Libra

Blown Away

“I cannot thank you enough for my amazing Cancer (written and audio) 2023 Inner Space Reading! I should be used to it by now, but was once again blown away by your stunning wisdom, insights and advice – given with such love and care, as always.”

L. Glanville, on 2023 Annual Inner Space reading for Cancer

Deep and Inspiring

“Man, I totally dug my Libra reading (I’m Libra Rising) … and now jumping to sun sign. Thanks Eric — truly transcendent and deep and inspiring. You’ve just added wind in my sails for 2023.”

— L. Kelly, on the 2023 Annual Inner Space readings

Absolutely Blown Away

“Immediately listened to Aries last night, and read the accompanying PDF. Absolutely blown away by the insight. It’s as if Eric is talking directly to the reader, as if we are in the same room. The themes, and the timing of his discussion of past and present are spot on. I urge everyone to put down what you are doing, find a quiet centered place, and listen. I plan on re-listening often. The Inner Space reading also made me go back to the Aquarian Era writings and musings, as well as the prior yearly annual reports. This is clearly the most insightful reading I’ve ever experienced.”

— Thomas Erdman on the Inner Space 2023 Annual Readings

Cannot Overstate How Relevant

“I cannot overstate how this information is so relevant for me. I haven’t gotten an astrology reading with this in depth info in a very, very long time.  Please tell Eric thank you and this explains everything I have been experiencing. Just blew me away. How fortuitous for me!!!!”

Gwen, on Sagittarius Astrology Studio 2022-23

A Visionary; Grounding Force

“Eric is a visionary…. He and the team have been the only grounding force for me in the last couple of chaotic years…. something which I truly value.”

— J. Palmer-Kearns, Core Community subscriber 

Stunningly Clear; So Very Relevant

“Thank you so very much for a stunningly clear and already-coming-into-fruition overview of this coming year….I have taken copious notes and find it so very relevant. You, Eric, are clearly such a diligent and committed soul. I have infinite respect for all the work you do.”

— Judith, a LEO, on the Leo Astrology Studio for 2022-23


“I finally had the perfect time to listen with full attention to the Gemini reading I purchased back when it first came out. WOW. I have so much that’s aligned with what Eric spoke of, it’s a comfort, a peace, and an inspiration to keep going.”

— D. Hollinshead, on Gemini Astrology Studio for 2022-23

Impressed by Depth and Attention to Detail

“Every time I look at one of your horoscopes or any of the other articles, I am impressed by their depth and attention to detail. It’s such a relief and reassuring to read something meaningful and intelligent in these times! Thanks for putting all that hard work in for us!”

— D. Knack, Core Community subscriber

Cohesiveness Amidst Multiple Influences and Social Fragmentation

I support you as I can now. I find comfort in your ability to create cohesiveness amidst multiple astrological influences and social fragmentation. I admire your stamina, for it seems not so easy to be an active astrologer. You bring more than astrology to the table and I think your readers appreciate it.”

— Laurie Burnett, my first astrology teacher; uncredited coauthor of Pluto: Evolutionary Journey of the Soul. (She turned me onto both Alice Bailey and Chiron, way back in 1994)

So Grateful

“I value your work very much and have told many friends about you, as well. I’m not sure how I would have managed the last two years without being able to lean into both the astrological reports and the journalism. I am so grateful to have found you on youtube several years ago.”

— Angela L.F., Core Community subscriber

Amazing Reading

“What an amazing reading – a lot to take in. I confess that I found it really unsettling, to say the least, the prospect of months and months of Mars in Gemini – and the challenges, the digging, the vulnerability just never seem to end. But I think I’m already picking up on a lot of the stuff you describe  – a lot of tough family shit hitting the fan since before last Christmas… I will need to listen to this again… As always, your readings communicate so much care, love, and passion, and the desire to help us to find a way through it all – full of amazing advice and guidance.  Thank you.”

— Liz Glanville, on Your Future. Your Life 2022 Midyear Reading for Cancer

Most Excellent

“I am definitely going to renew my subscription to this most excellent service… I must be reading and listening to Eric on a regular basis or certainly I will die.”

— Leonard Fenlon, Core Community subscriber

Resonates Almost Too Much

“I read my sun sign (Aquarius) as well as rising sign (Capricorn) horoscopes just now. Both resonate almost too much with who I am and the life I have been given to live. But it’s so wonderful to be “understood” by your work. Thank you always for truth-telling, and not just in the horoscopes. You are a precious gem in my life.”

— E. Metz, subscriber

Wildly Impressed

“Well…just listened to Tune In for Taurus, and I am both wildly impressed and comforted by how right on your reading is….I really thought I was doing something unmentionable in my current spiritual quest…which has not kept me from talking about it with a few close friends. Now at least I can carry on without the thought that I’m beyond the pale, so to speak. Instead, I seem to be bringing the pale with me…I’m right on schedule! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your gifts and your generosity!” — Wendy Wolosoffhayes

Uplifting, Provocative, Deep; Stellar Work

“Having made my way through most of the signs for Tune in 2022, I wanted to convey my appreciation for such stellar work. I found the readings to be a blend of uplifting, provocative, deep, and with a call to be our best selves. I marvel at the power of the sun sign method and Eric’s mastery in conveying the wisdom available to all of us through the charts. In these very disturbing times, our higher selves need to be utilized, in fact, I am not sure how else to navigate as old ways of being no longer serve in the mayhem. May we all engage with purpose and continue to support PW in small and large ways so that we can have access to independent media, outstanding investigative journalism, astrology at depth, and generosity from a small team of peeps. Love to all, Rebekah”

— Rebekah O’Rourke, on TUNE IN 2022 annual readings

Astonishing, Right Down to the Subtleties

“I purchased the Taurus 2021-22 Astrology Studio and this is one of the best readings I’ve ever experienced. …Most importantly, his depth of understanding of the sign of Taurus and the accompanying Whole Sign chart is astonishing, right down to the subtleties. It’s an incredibly vulnerable feeling to be ‘seen’ at such a profoundly, private level. It’s as if my personal subconscious came to light with a new upgrade. Who could ask for anything more from a “general” reading?!”

— Shairy Killian

Profound Reading; Master Astrologer

“I just finished listening to my Taurus Tune in 2022 and wanted to tell Eric Francis what a profound, wonderful reading it was for me. Eric actually saw me….my strengths, weaknesses, and potential. Thank you Eric Francis….you are a master astrologer and now I consider you a spiritual mentor and friend.”

— Esther Zellen, on the TUNE IN 2022 annual readings

Tears in My Eyes

“During my first listen to the reading I had tears in my eyes multiple times at being ‘seen.’ It was poetic to receive your reading of my ‘classic Virgo chart’ as the moon was coming to full in Virgo… thank you, not only for the care you gave this reading, but for the many years of perspective and self-inquiry your writings and readings have provided me over the last 15 years.”

— Kathleen Minogue, on her Chart Keys Reading

What a Profound, Wonderful Reading

“I just finished listening to my Taurus Tune in 2022 and what a profound, wonderful reading it was for me. Eric actually saw me….my strengths, weaknesses and potential. Thank you Eric Francis….you are a master astrologer and now I consider you a spiritual mentor and friend.”

— Esther Zellin, on the TUNE IN 2022 annual reading for Taurus

Deeply Grateful Beyond Words

“There has to be a bigger word than THANK YOU for all your incredible work, and that of your team as well. You are one of only a very few people I know who validates my knowledge and learning about all of the above – some days it is hard to hold on, BUT I am a seeker of Truth and always have been. When I first started teaching Holistic Nursing in 1985, I used to tell my students that ‘my job was to help them feel ignorant,’ as old beliefs first had to be deconstructed before there was space for the mind to awaken. I also taught the ancient maxim that until the lesson is learned, the teacher will not go away – and they laughed – at first – and as time passed and they did open to ancient truths and new knowledge about healing, and they stopped laughing. This maxim still holds true in all aspects of life and our teachers come in so many forms – we all must realize our ignorance so we can grow – thanks to you and your intelligent work and perseverance, also in search of Truth, I continue to grow – deeply grateful beyond words.”

— Barbara Joyce-Lambert PhD,RN, subscriber (comment on a recent subscriber article)

Amazing, Clear, and Concise

“Amazing, clear, and concise reading. Thank you for all of the very useful information… So glad to have all of the readings — just finished Leo, which is my rising sign, and feel that each section deepens the understanding of the others. I look forward to reading and studying all of them.”

— Julia Takahashi,  on An Aquarian Era Annual readings

Informative; Brilliant; Crystal Clear

“A very informative and brilliant translation of the possibilities given to Sagittarius using a whole house chart analysis. The opportunities presented were crystal clear. The delusional trap locations were identified. The Fire-Earth sign/house potential my guide. Ready to go!”

— Anne Shelley, on the new Sagittarius Astrology Studio 2021-22

Resonates So Deeply

“’I don’t think he likes me anymore’ – ha ha ha! What a treat, dear Eric – on splendid form! ‘I run my life’ – yes… needed to be made aware of this – so true, and so helpful what you say about leadership… Everything you say resonates so deeply with me – especially the stuff you say about family. Thank you so much for this fascinating, funny and helpful video <3″

— Liz Glanville

Fantastic Reading

“Just listened to Metamorphosis. Fantastic reading as always. Eric Francis and Planet Waves are a valuable resource of the highest quality. Thank you!”

— Kathleen Sullivan