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Amazing Insights; Spot On

“Wow, I am beside myself after reading my Cancer Sun & Capricorn Rising Pluto in a Strange Land readings! All of the timing and keywords you spoke of were spot on for me, especially the Community Trustee theme, as I fell into Chamber of Commerce responsibilities recently. Amazing insights and advice, thank you!” — Lisa Moffa, on the 2023 Pluto in a Strange Land Spring Readings Post Views: 0


“I’ve been a Planetwaves reader since the 90’s … I’m an astrology junkie but Eric is still THE. BEST.” — Nikke Slight Post Views: 0

Quite Literally a Galvanizer That Got Me to Where I am Now

“Firstly I just wanted to say thank you. Listening to your Dharma reading earlier this summer was a real turning point during my lockdown. It gave me so much direction and trust, and acted quite literally like a galvanizer that has got to where I am now. Your weekly and monthly horoscopes are always very helpful for me.” — Love from a Grateful Reader Post Views: 0

Very Timely; Enlightening and Affirming

The Dharma reading was very timely. I took some time finally getting around to listening to it, and I’m glad I waited. It was very enlightening and affirming of who I am transforming into. I hope to continue to move forward in my work that I came here to do, and who I truly came here to be. — M. McCorbin Post Views: 0

Bought readings for my daughter, cousin and a friend

Again. Uncanny. Wow. Totally on point. So much so, I bought readings for my daughter, cousin and a friend as gifts. But the best part isn’t the accuracy and jaw-dropping empowerment I felt; it was the delivery. Eric is so personable, so funny, so engaging, yet able to cut right to the core — it’s like talking with a good friend who loves you and respects you, and wants to see you have the best in life, and is willing to do away with bullshit by being straight and to the point in the most loving, supportive and encouraging way.…