Personal journey

The 2 Sag reports — last year’s and this year’s along with the Vision Quest report — all feel very personal. I have learned so much and gained many insights as to what the heck is at work in my life. About a week ago I went back and listened to last year’s Sag report and was blown away by how it seemed to describe my personal journey.

Quite extraordinarily precise

There is no way I can begin to describe how spot on you are with this reading concerning the place I have been finding myself in over the few years and in particular from last year onwards.
Very astutely described! You say something I literally keep thinking whenever I find myself among people. You are actually quoting a very frequent thought of mine. This is stunning.

It is simply beautiful to behold your suggestions for Gemini concerning 2015/16.

It has occurred to me before that your understanding of Gemini is quite extraordinarily precise and I meant to give you that feedback but never quite found the right moment. There is always such wealth of information in what you broadcast, I tend to lose the details…

Let me extend a big Thank you! for this piece of art you recorded there, and indeed for all of your work that I can enjoy this year. It’s also very motivating to see someone who is already doing what he loves best and experiencing how much this work then is in sync with all that is.
So nice.
— Alexandra Marx

The Way Things Are

Thank you for your dedication to these audio segments. I’ve spent my free moments today listening to my sun sign Sagg, my rising and moon Pisces, and Aquarius where I have Saturn in the last degree and is the sun sign of significant others. No longer am I amazed that what you convey is spot on… it’s just the way things are.
— Rob Moore

Extraordinary gifts, preparation and wisdom

Once again, I can’t get over how you tick all those boxes, and more. Once again, am bowled over by your extraordinary gifts, preparation and wisdom, dear Eric, and am filled with inspiration, courage and joy by your words.
I also love the musical interludes, and the wonderful clam altar for the Cancer runes! Bless you and thank you.
Much love
— Liz Glanville

One of the Chosen

This is my first experience reading Eric’s astrology. I feel that he has an amazing gift and I am extremely fortunate to be the receiver of this amazing information. It felt that Eric was talking directly to my soul. I feel that I have been given a guidepost on this journey. Divine inspiration comes to only a few and Eric is certainly one of the chosen.
— Rebecca Blessing

Truth, Reflected

The incredible thing about this reading is that it has been true for me for some time. How powerful it is to have this description of my interaction in the world reflected back to me. The reading really does help me increase my ability to focus and act with integrity as I start yet another chapter in my life. Thank you!
— Fiona (RoboFio)

Savouring and Re-Reading

FANTASTIC JOB! The music so far has been amazing. My musician honey is blown away as well. Loves the 5 time! Your interpretation of the planets, houses, asteroids…energies of the heavens are so enlightening. I am savouring and re-reading. Am looking forward to the audio versions. I’m glad I found your site and made the decision to purchase this amazing package. Cheers and Namaste!
— Paula Boylan

An Embarrassment of Riches

I especially liked the discussion of Pluto’s passage through Sagittarius and its subsequent demotion to a minor planet. Eric is right – most astrologers are still in denial. I loved what he wrote about it. Definitely looking forward to the rest of Vision Quest – it’s an embarrassment of riches, astrologically speaking. And yet it is so essential.
— Nan