Describes my present journey

Amazing, Eric. I was just thinking last evening that I belong in a way that is not mirrored in my world. Your description “You are at home in the Universe” resonates with my feelings. The journey inward to self-awareness and the “relationship to self as a kind of quest for your original child self” also describe my present journey. So grateful you share your brilliance with the world to bring light and awareness.

— LuAnne

Massive transformative times

Thank you Eric, very helpful to have your perspective. As a Piscean (with Scorpio rising and Moon in Cancer forming a grand trine — all very watery) I have certainly experienced massive transformative times and have been set on a journey with many unexpected twists and turns. It is so interesting how we ride waves which take us to places we do not know exist and this happens regardless and in spite of our desires, or ideas of where we need to end up. All good, even when I end up in a space that is hard.

Right now I feel that this time of settling into who and what I am is a lonely one and of necessity isolating, and at times very painful as old patterns are sloughed off like old dead skin. Relationships have changed so much and it has hurt at times and continues to be hard. The wonderful thing is that underneath all of that I feel really solid, grounded and able.

Last night I had a dream about oppression; I saw clearly the image of the Tarot Voyager card that came up for me the other day. It is all about letting go. Old patterns that oppress and keep us enslaved in a way I guess. Man, I don’t know what will happen. A ride for sure. I am about to turn 65 years old and still there is so much more to be done! Love and truly gratefully,

— Trudy Austin

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Inside my most precious sanctuary

Eric, you are so right on! Your reading engenders within me feelings of you somehow being able to get inside my mind, inside my heart, and inside my most precious sanctuary…my soul! And yes, Saturn has been going thru my Sun sign, and along with it to make life real exciting, beautiful Neptune has been squaring my Sun. So to say the very least, it has been a time of uncertainty, inspiration, and reflection; where do I put my energy, my creativity, my soul and my spirit; and how do I accomplish what I want to do and need to do, and hope to do.

Your reading has given direction and meaning on how to proceed, to learn and move forward in these difficult, unsettling times and at the same time, inspiring me to tap into limitless creative gifts. Thank you, Eric; from my heart to your heart, I send you deep abiding gratitude for your penetrating insight and your deep caring concern, with which you carry out your mission for all of us!

— Ann Cortese, B.S., M.P.S.

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