Helped Me Steer Through Some of the Roughest Days

Eric’s readings have helped me so much over the years, to overcome insecurities, difficulties and hard times. His readings have helped steer me through some of the roughest days and beyond. I have appreciated his calming, positive and practical counsel. I am amazed at his ability to do what he does.
— Mici B.

Fun and valuable

Thanks, Eric. The Sagittarius Spring Reading was extremely fun and valuable; perhaps your most helpful discourse yet. It also complements the Cancer Rising reading very well. As soon as I cued up the video, I knew you were going to rock by the shine in your eyes. Great info about the Great American Eclipse of 2017 in both readings, as well, which I’ll witness high in the Rockies.
— Steve Guettermann

I feel less alone in this universe

Thank you for the Aquarius reading, Eric, as I had a good cry after listening/watching. I have struggled so much in this incarnation as an Aquarian — it’s really been a hard row to hoe. But I feel less alone in this universe from listening/viewing the reading.

Seems my life in these past years or so has been one big karmic “spring cleaning,” on both the inner and outer levels of my existence. It’s been exhausting on so many levels. My takeaway from the Aquarius reading is a sense of PEACE. You really do UNDERSTAND what Aquarians are going through these days (and yes, because you do understand and explain the issues I am going through so well). Yes: you are an honorary Aquarian.

On to the Capricorn (rising) and Cancer (Moon). Love you, Eric, and thank you again.

— Eileen

So much depth to incorporate

Thank you Eric,
So much depth to incorporate on so many levels! These past 10 years have brought more change and more insight into my life than I ever imagined was possible. I loved when you said that we might re-discover ourselves repeatedly. SO TRUE. The revelations about family issues, ties and generational connections are profound, to say the least. Thank you for addressing all these deep, personal, sometimes wrenching situations.

I too wish to express my love and gratitude for the guidance and intensely personal gift you’ve given us.
Love & Light,

So deeply helpful and encouraging

So deeply helpful and encouraging Eric; confirms my experiences recently and over the past 10 years. I’m so curious about what the 8/21 eclipse will bring/reveal. Saturn in Sagittarius moving to Capricorn this December marks my second Saturn return. I am at a very significant time in my life. Thanks so much for your care and guidance.

You wholly recharged me

You wholly recharged me, thank you. I am working on an exhibition. I have an unprecedented daily studio practice. I am feeling the magic and then the static. Each time I get out of my head and work with my heart and my hands I receive a gift. It’s been deep work and I’m learning about trusting myself. I will pay more attention to ceremony and asking for guidance.

Your energy is infectious and your words so comforting. Have a wonderful weekend.

— Jennifer

Great warmth shines through

Thank you for this great reading, dear Eric. Always such a pleasure to have these readings on video — where your great warmth, intelligence and spontaneity shine through. I reckon you’re a real pro already! Mighty relieved to hear the good news about Saturn moving into Capricorn – had been thinking about it with dread till now (also have natal Saturn in Capricorn).

— Lizzy