Wow!! Spot On

Wow!! Eric!
Your fall readings are spot on, in terms of what I’ve been experiencing this year as an Aries with Taurus rising, you explained or confirmed the changes I’ve been going through…While I’m listening I shake my head and I’ve got a big smile on my face, because this year really has been an internal journey. Another amazing reading. Thank you!
— A. Wilson

Feels Personal To My Life / Listening and Re-Listening

I have *really* been enjoying my Capricorn sun sign Empathy reading, listening and re-listening. Like others have said, it feels personal to my life, even though you’ve interpreted the astrology off of a group chart. It’s awesome! I am going to add the purchase of my Scorpio rising sign also. Thank you for all that you do. — Chris D.

Like an X-Ray to my Soul

This note is just to let you know how wonderful I find your work–intellectually and spiritually. Your Fall empathy reading for Sagittarius was a like a x-ray to my soul; and your daily horoscope readings are a constant highlight of my day, and always feel intimate. This is just a small way of saying a big THANKS for all you do. Your work, in all seriousness, makes the world a better place.

— Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award-winning author of Occult America

His Way of Making Your Life and Experiences Make Sense

I’m an Aries Sun, with Aquarius Rising and Gemini Moon, and listened to all three readings. As always, Eric is extremely encouraging, not just in the energy he brings to the reading, but because of his way of making your life and experiences make sense to you without even needing to speak to you. I find his readings very calming. Planet Waves entered my life at just right time, and I’m so glad it did. I eagerly await all the great work you all put out! — Josh

Captured the Last 5 Years / Amazing

I cant imagine how Eric could have captured the last 5 years for me, in this reading, amazing. I have Taurus rising and Cancer sun sign, so my transition times put the blender up to full speed from 2012….I am continually reassured by Eric’s work that the path can be followed, in unique ways with hills to climb, unexpected turns of events, different views and deep slopes down and then across roads to decide which way this time.

— P.J.

Hard to Believe This Isn’t a Reading For an Individual Chart

“Thank you, Eric. Your horoscopes have taken on a quality of heightened accuracy, addressing the heart of the experience, since your recent sabbatical. Hard to believe this not a reading for an individual chart. Much gratitude.”
– tejomommy