Personal journey

The 2 Sag reports — last year’s and this year’s along with the Vision Quest report — all feel very personal. I have learned so much and gained many insights as to what the heck is at work in my life. About a week ago I went back and listened to last year’s Sag report and was blown away by how it seemed to describe my personal journey.

Right On, Dead On

For what it’s worth — never heard anything so right on, dead on, aligned with what I am looking at, aware of, dealing with, leaning into — especially professionally and emotionally. I can’t even list them all — so many subtle angles and aspects that all resonate and add up. Affirming experiences, potentials, challenges. To a T. Wow. Will be getting these transcribed so I can read them over and over.

— Robyn Landis

A Worthwhile Investment

What an amazing reading! I do believe that Eric upped the ante on his reading skills for this year’s Cancer birthday reading. It is insightful, intuitive, spiritual, and practical. I re-listened a few times for the deeper nuance and messaging–a good thing because I discovered so many “hidden gems” throughout the reading!
This was definitely a worthwhile investment in money and time :)
Thanks again!
Dee McCrorey

Attic of Mind

It is a privilege to be a long time reader and supporter of Planet Waves and Eric Francis.

Just finished the Gemini reading, there is so much content to digest. Listening to an Eric Francis reading is very much like
having an intimate conversation with a valued friend and mentor. This Gemini reading sent me into the attic of mind for very early memories that needed to be dusted off, acknowledged and let go of… The reading had me looking at the now and the need to create. It showed me a future that can be of my own choosing. This Gemini reading is a neon sign showing me the way.

Good Job Eric and thank you.
– Nora Connaughton

Passion and Talent

As you can see, everything you said in this reading was completely and absolutely spot-on for me. I have followed other astrologers, had readings done and still keep one in particular as my personal astrologer, but no one, even her, as much as I love her has been able to better articulate the past, present and future possibilities as clearly as you have. I am astounded by your passion and talent. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me. It has been a tremendous help to me over these last few years of very difficult decisions and changes.
— Debra MacFarlane