Capture the deepening flavour of my life

Here you go Eric: I’m a Libra, and must say that your words for this week are simply spot on and seem to capture the deepening flavour of my life over the last month or so especially…’bold and brassy’ it’s been and sometimes to the level of even shocking me; to wake up to the mirror that life is holding out to me, asking me if THIS is also me! And, like you say, I do feel like I’m simply being drawn into the flow, this new flow, and all that comes up when I look into the mirror that asks me if this is me, is, ‘I don’t know’.

Yet, what I’ve been through and still going through, is exactly what you’ve managed to capture so concisely: to wake up to a ‘me’ that I’ve not seen before; a ‘me’ that does not wait for ‘evidence’ and ‘reason’ to act, but rather a ‘me’ who moves from a deep trust in what she feels is needed in the moment, even if it means roaring like a lioness who means business, when people around her have been used to her being a meek sheep. And I have simply no idea where all this is heading, or taking me. It’s scary and also fun! And something beyond me is guiding me gently and surely to simply enjoy the ride!

— Priya

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