So Clear, Connecting All the Dots Effortlessly

“Thank you for my Aries reading. It is so on point!
I listened to it during a road trip; my car companion was also Aries and we really found a lot of similitude in what’s happening on our lives right now. You are the best, so clear, connecting all the dots effortlessly.”

— M. Andrews

Deep Resonance with Your Perspective and Insights

“Over the past several years I have been looking for a more in-depth approach to astrology and that has led me time and time again to your website. I really love the work being done at Planet Waves and have found such a deep resonance with your perspective and insights. There have been many times it has given me just the thing I needed to get me oriented and to see the way ahead. In an increasingly disorienting world, this is no small thing! I am a licensed psychotherapist by profession and absolutely concur with Eric that the ideal approach to therapy would be an intelligent marriage of astrology and psychology.”

— M. Porter

Accurate and True

“Listening to the first part of this reading offered wonderful pieces of information, which fell easily into the lines of code I download on a regular basis…My intention was to express my gratitude for your work, both parts of this reading are accurate and true for me. A serious opportunity and call to action for all Aquarians to notice the resources they have direct and indirect access to for making change. Keep doing what you do.”

— Michael Parkes

Can’t imagine life without Planet Waves

Planet waves covers all the bases; kinda a high-quality one-stop-shop for those doses of guidance/wisdom/learning/new ideas/extensions to my ways of thinking/life counseling/world commentary/current affairs/ecology/et al ~ apart from the Astro! Can’t imagine life without Planet Waves — Eadie M.

His Work is Revolutionary

I am subscribing to BSP, not because I will even have the time to participate as I should, but because I want to support Eric and his comrades.

His work is revolutionary. He is a revolutionary. I go to his Facebook page whenever I want to read about the current events/news BEFORE I go to newspapers.

His dedication to truth and education is ever more important.

Onward and upward.  

— Susan Dollenmaier

A heartfelt thank you

I want to say a heartfelt thank you for all the gifts that you’ve given me so far….both paid and unpaid gifts….both equally valuable because of the thought that goes into each gift as it is given. I have enjoyed and immersed myself in every one of them. I have and continue to be an avid follower of Planet Waves and have enjoyed and found value in every one of the forecasts and readings that I’ve had access to.
–Priya Desikan