I Cannot Recommend You Enough

“BUT THEN, I came across your work and I am a person who is utterly renewed. I finally believe that I have found an astrologer who truly understands the 12th house life and who truly has a grip on the wonderous difficulties of living the karmic life of a Chiron aspected Aries. So thank you, Eric, for your work on these most difficult issues, it has been just amazing to listen to your profoundly encouraging astro-raves! I cannot recommend you enough, more power to your work, it is so necessary in this day and age.”

— L. Allen

None can compare

Thank you Eric for all your help that you give us.

I have good news. I am finally able to pick up a student once again, and one of the teaching tools I will be using is your article in The Mountain Astrologer, re: the HOUSES. I have said it before and I will say it again:

Of all the astrology literature I have read over my 58 years working with astrology, and the untold number of books I have read, and lectures I have attended, NONE — and I mean NONE — can compare with the authenticity of your article on ‘THE HOUSES’. It is so right-on that after reading that article a person brand-new to astrology would have a firm foundation on which to build their reading skills of the astrological chart.

Bless you, Eric, for all you do for all of us, and for your special kindness to me.
— Ann Cortese, B.S., M.P.S.

Open and accepting group space

I am a Planet Waves Backstage Pass member and have been in four of Eric’s classes so far — Tarot, the Houses, Karma, and Eroticism. The open and accepting group space Eric creates welcomes participation. I tried out ideas. Took chances. Laughed out loud. Listening to how Eric works with others, gently, with an open heart, was as instructive as any of the content covered. But the content was potent too. As a result I did my first public tarot readings. I’ve made more sense of my love life, and become a better friend to my 12th house.

You start out thinking that four hours for a tele-class is a long time but it flies by. The audio-only format is incredibly intimate. Your hear from people you might otherwise never meet, who all have something to offer. And when I refer to my class notes from time to time I can hear it all in my mind again, so the experience has a long after-life. Thanks to Eric and to Planet Waves for these opportunities to take a deeper dive into the esoteric arts.
— Cheryl Corson