Beautiful and Nourishing

After about 13 years as a subscriber, you feel like family. The sustenance, support and sense of community I receive from PW feels so vital to me now… Thank you Eric for all that you and your associates provide in terms of content – so beautiful and nourishing to my mind and soul; and also for your work to develop and sustain a perfect business template for the 21st century; i.e. one which is the epitome of quality, integrity, ethics and, most of all, love and care for your own people and your readers/clients.

Difficult to Improve

After reading and listening to some of the sign readings for this year I see how difficult it would be to improve on this. I love the music before, after, and sometimes during the middle of your readings. I love how you make each reading sound as if you are speaking directly to the individual listening. I am a visual learner; therefore, I really appreciate the art and written part of each reading.

I look forward to learning more about myself and others through astrology. I really enjoy all that Planet Waves has to offer. The staff is great and I really appreciate your straight forward, tell it like it is approach.

Peace, Love, and Happiness 😉
— Rachel (by email)