None can compare

Thank you Eric for all your help that you give us.

I have good news. I am finally able to pick up a student once again, and one of the teaching tools I will be using is your article in The Mountain Astrologer, re: the HOUSES. I have said it before and I will say it again:

Of all the astrology literature I have read over my 58 years working with astrology, and the untold number of books I have read, and lectures I have attended, NONE — and I mean NONE — can compare with the authenticity of your article on ‘THE HOUSES’. It is so right-on that after reading that article a person brand-new to astrology would have a firm foundation on which to build their reading skills of the astrological chart.

Bless you, Eric, for all you do for all of us, and for your special kindness to me.
— Ann Cortese, B.S., M.P.S.