Understand it better

Comment on Planet Waves FM for March 22, 2016 (“Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Introduction to Personhood”) from Facebook group page; *full-name permission received* :

Another great podcast, Eric. I’m glad you talked about Uranus’ conjunction to Eris. I’ve been curious about that and thanks to you, I understand it better.

Lesley Doetsch Phillips 

Incredibly prescient…powerful

Comment on Monday Astrology Diary for March 21, 2016 (“Riding the Eclipse Wave”) from Facebook; asked for permission in March 24 comment:
Incredibly prescient…powerful. Eris and [Uranus]* conjunction certainly has grabbed our attention! Whether we’re conscious of it or not. I had a deep dream, first in years actually, and then “awoke” to Brussels news. Wild convergence of powerful beauty and chaotic violence…thanks Eric, of all your wise work.

Laura Hitt

*She had written “Pluto,” but obviously meant “Uranus,” so corrected here.