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Booster rocket

Thanks again for this booster rocket on the houses. I am relieved to know I can stop thinking about those house rulerships (Mars rules the first, etc.), which never made sense to me, and focus more on the rulers of the house cusps. So helpful. Also helpful was the advice to keep it real – look at mundane examples – not get so abstract, or always so psychological, as a way of learning more and of using the tools in a more practical way. It was very good to hear more about the distinction between the whole sign house system…

Great teacher

Technology is a wonderful thing when it connects people together to follow their passion. Eric is a great teacher as he empowers people to think creatively. Bless. — Pauline Jones Post Views: 0

Retrogrades Class: Best Source

I have recently become more inspired to pursue and study astrology more seriously… I found it hard to find good, well-researched, info on retrogrades and how to interpret them. When I saw Eric would be teaching a class on them, I knew that he would more than likely be the best source for this knowledge. [And he was!!] Thank you Eric for continuing to have these classes! They are wonderful. – Stacey Katz Post Views: 0

Retrogrades Class: Top Of The Form

I thought that this was the best class yet. It was very engaging, and seemed as though Eric was focused, and at the top of his form. …I am grateful to have such a valuable resource in Planet Waves. I agree with the person who wished they could win the lottery in order to give more money to assist PW. Perhaps one of us will win so that we can share the wealth! – Cathy Stubbs Post Views: 0

Retrogrades Class: Houses, Please!

I loved Eric’s patient manner with each of us, our questions and our learning styles. I also gleaned a lot from his way of explaining the sample charts, and using his and our experiences and potential scenarios, to open us to new levels of comprehension. I look forward to Eric’s class on the houses when he’s ready. – Rachel Schneiderman Post Views: 0

Retrogrades Class: Holistic Approach

I am really grateful to Eric and the team for making this available. Planet Waves is extremely generous and I feel really supported by all the writers in their heart-centered approach. By participating in the Planet Waves community, I am learning the wholistic application of spiritual and personal growth studies to living with what is. – Miruh Sanderson Post Views: 0

Retrogrades Class: Great Communicator

Eric is able to transmit his knowledge of astrology with generosity. I appreciate very much the fact that he insists on having our own perspective and context interpretation. His view of astrology as an art but also as a form of therapy is very intriguing to me. Eric is a great communicator. – Yohainna Abdala Post Views: 0

Retrogrades Class: No Easy Feat

Eric was able to convey how he uses retrogrades in a way that wasn’t limited by technique; he never loses sight of the whole person. This is incredibly rare with skilled astrologers in practice and to be able to deliver this to people in class is no easy feat… His is a truly holistic approach and what he delivers is truly one of a kind – something born of a moment that is as true in that moment as it is later on. – Suzana Da Costa Post Views: 0