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It always comes back to sex

Thank you, Eric, for speaking my mind about violence in the world and its roots in suppressed/conflicted sexuality. I trace the origin of this screwed up aspect of our national psyche to the Puritan religion injected into our matrix at the beginning of the European invasion. I also see ISIL as the result of conflicted clerics obsessed with our forbidden lady parts (cf. the Ottoman Empire) cloaking themselves in Allah, and then extruding their sexual confusion through a patriarchal template of the most brutal and misogynistic unconsciousness imaginable. That one will take some time to unravel, I’m afraid, because the…

Planet Waves TV rocks

Your website and publishing is amazing. Long-time fan. Love your artwork on the books/journals you’re providing — what a great idea. Planet Waves TV rocks and I love the diverse learning format(s). Thank you for your work! Peace. — Anne Marie Spratt *(full permission given) Post Views: 0

Teachers teach

Comment on Planet Waves PW TV for March 8, 2016 (“Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces”) from Facebook group page; asked for permission March 24: Great presentation, Eric! It is amazing how congruent the eclipse, current planetary alignments, your insights and interpretations are with a presentation Marianne Williamson gave last night in LA related to current politics — personal and collective experience — related to ACIM. Teachers teach. Thank you! — Pam Crosset  Post Views: 0