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Better Prepared to Navigate Life’s Curves, Swerves and Waves

I am here to confirm that, indeed, the writings and recordings have helped me feel less alone, more supported, and better prepared to navigate life’s curves, swerves, and waves. I love Eric’s intelligence, investigative curiosity, humor, way with words… Thank you all for doing what you do. You make the world a better place! — Christine R. Post Views: 0

Sensitive, Insightful, Brilliant

Thank you for your voluminous, sensitive, insightful and often brilliant outpourings which integrate astrology, the times we live in and our inherent spiritually. Your perspective is original and evocative and I love reading what comes through you. Your annual for each sign is like a light guiding the way on a very deep level and your perspective has really been helpful for me. — Mira Post Views: 0

His Work is Revolutionary

I am subscribing to BSP, not because I will even have the time to participate as I should, but because I want to support Eric and his comrades. His work is revolutionary. He is a revolutionary. I go to his Facebook page whenever I want to read about the current events/news BEFORE I go to newspapers. His dedication to truth and education is ever more important. Onward and upward.   — Susan Dollenmaier Post Views: 0

It always comes back to sex

Thank you, Eric, for speaking my mind about violence in the world and its roots in suppressed/conflicted sexuality. I trace the origin of this screwed up aspect of our national psyche to the Puritan religion injected into our matrix at the beginning of the European invasion. I also see ISIL as the result of conflicted clerics obsessed with our forbidden lady parts (cf. the Ottoman Empire) cloaking themselves in Allah, and then extruding their sexual confusion through a patriarchal template of the most brutal and misogynistic unconsciousness imaginable. That one will take some time to unravel, I’m afraid, because the…