Planet Waves

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So glad I found you

Eric, I’m so glad I’ve found you. I’ve been listening for a few years. A few years that have been really difficult, and I always find something of great value in your charts and commentary. We’re also on the same musical page too, so I get to experience new music through you. I share your insights, and make sure people know how to find you for themselves. You are the absolute best astrologer I’ve encountered. I’m always eager to hear what the planets reveal on events of our troubled world. Thank you for all your hard work, your community-building approach…

Pertinent and genuinely reliable

I freely share with anyone looking for great modern astrology that the Planet Waves team and Eric Francis offers the most pertinent and genuinely relatable astrology of our times. The Planet Waves team is our peeps and the astrological medicine for our generation. Incredible! — Barbara Bain