Planet Waves

Uplifting, Provocative, Deep; Stellar Work

“Having made my way through most of the signs for Tune in 2022, I wanted to convey my appreciation for such stellar work. I found the readings to be a blend of uplifting, provocative, deep, and with a call to be our best selves. I marvel at the power of the sun sign method and Eric’s mastery in conveying the wisdom available to all of us through the charts. In these very disturbing times, our higher selves need to be utilized, in fact, I am not sure how else to navigate as old ways of being no longer serve in…

Deeply Grateful Beyond Words

“There has to be a bigger word than THANK YOU for all your incredible work, and that of your team as well. You are one of only a very few people I know who validates my knowledge and learning about all of the above – some days it is hard to hold on, BUT I am a seeker of Truth and always have been. When I first started teaching Holistic Nursing in 1985, I used to tell my students that ‘my job was to help them feel ignorant,’ as old beliefs first had to be deconstructed before there was space…

Amazing, Clear, and Concise

“Amazing, clear, and concise reading. Thank you for all of the very useful information… So glad to have all of the readings — just finished Leo, which is my rising sign, and feel that each section deepens the understanding of the others. I look forward to reading and studying all of them.” — Julia Takahashi,  on An Aquarian Era Annual readings

Informative; Brilliant; Crystal Clear

“A very informative and brilliant translation of the possibilities given to Sagittarius using a whole house chart analysis. The opportunities presented were crystal clear. The delusional trap locations were identified. The Fire-Earth sign/house potential my guide. Ready to go!” — Anne Shelley, on the new Sagittarius Astrology Studio 2021-22

Absolutely the Best Thing Ever with Regard to the Scorpio Energies

“I’ve been reading the Extended Sign Description for Scorpio that came with the new Scorpio Astrology Studio. I think I’ve probably read it about half a dozen times now. It is absolutely the best thing ever with regard to the Scorpio energies. Thank you Eric, for your wonderful insights on this most difficult energy. Very well done!” — Larry Allen, on the Astrology Studio for Scorpio 2021-22

Resonates So Deeply

“’I don’t think he likes me anymore’ – ha ha ha! What a treat, dear Eric – on splendid form! ‘I run my life’ – yes… needed to be made aware of this – so true, and so helpful what you say about leadership… Everything you say resonates so deeply with me – especially the stuff you say about family. Thank you so much for this fascinating, funny and helpful video <3″ — Liz Glanville

Sanity & Sanctuary During These Crazy Times

“Thank you Eric & the Planetwaves team, I’m in awe of the enormous work you do, the relentless truth seeking & telling & place of sanity & sanctuary during these crazy times. Where will it end? We shall see … I also love Lanvi Nguyen’s gorgeous images 😊 bless you for all that you do & other everyday miracles” — Nelly Debeney, Core Community subscriber

Beautiful, Helpful, Soothing

“Wow. Such a beautiful, helpful reading – soothing my rather tormented and exhausted soul right now, and helping me realize that in spite of everything I’m on the right track. Love ya, Eric.” — Liz Glanville, on TUNE IN 2022 for Cancer

Detailed, Intelligent, Well-Researched

“Dearest Eric,You are amazing! As a long-time subscriber and follower, I want to let you (and your staff) how much I appreciate the detailed, intelligent and well-researched information you provide and share. Huge love and congratulations on your 24 years of no-ad insights and reporting.” — Bambi Forbes

Many AHAs; Very Enlightening

“I thoroughly enjoyed the recent Sagittarius reading; very enlightening and I had many ‘AHAs’…It confirms my recent penchant for creative expression, and I now know how to journey toward more happiness and fulfillment — coming from the inside out. Thanks so much, Eric.” — Alara Paragas, on the Sagittarius Astrology Studio for 2021-22