Planet Waves

Informative; Brilliant; Crystal Clear

“A very informative and brilliant translation of the possibilities given to Sagittarius using a whole house chart analysis. The opportunities presented were crystal clear. The delusional trap locations were identified. The Fire-Earth sign/house potential my guide. Ready to go!” — Anne Shelley, on the new Sagittarius Astrology Studio 2021-22

Absolutely the Best Thing Ever with Regard to the Scorpio Energies

“I’ve been reading the Extended Sign Description for Scorpio that came with the new Scorpio Astrology Studio. I think I’ve probably read it about half a dozen times now. It is absolutely the best thing ever with regard to the Scorpio energies. Thank you Eric, for your wonderful insights on this most difficult energy. Very well done!” — Larry Allen, on the Astrology Studio for Scorpio 2021-22

Resonates So Deeply

“’I don’t think he likes me anymore’ – ha ha ha! What a treat, dear Eric – on splendid form! ‘I run my life’ – yes… needed to be made aware of this – so true, and so helpful what you say about leadership… Everything you say resonates so deeply with me – especially the stuff you say about family. Thank you so much for this fascinating, funny and helpful video <3″ — Liz Glanville

So Spot On; So Clear

“This was so spot on for what I have been feeling and dealing with. I’m an Aries with Cancer rising and Leo moon. Been in the healing arts for 40+ years and the past year or so I have been watching and thinking it’s time for a sabbatical and find another way to help bring the truth to more people. So clear from these readings. You sure speak my language and to me, clearly. Thank you.” — Meri Maccanelli, on Metamorphosis: Autumn 2021 reading for Cancer

Just Gets Better and Better

“Dear Eric ~ A note of thanks…FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO!!!! Each week I swear, the insight you share along with the way in which you share it…just gets better and better and better. I LEARN SO MUCH & feel seen, heard, vindicated. Having been someone who KNEW of this corruptionand false narrative SINCE THE 90’s and have chosen a path as a Holistic Healer for over 20 years now…. this moment on one hand, is actually DEEPLY RELIEVING (as many are arriving at this place where I was called crazy, for oh so long) but on the other hand,…

Well Worth the Investment

“I just listened to my Sun Sign (Aquarius) and Rising (Leo) and enjoyed Eric’s outlook on life in crazy times. Like Abbott and Costello and Shakespeare’s clowns, Eric makes me smile and his work is well worth the investment.” — Robin Cuddy on the Metamorphosis Autumn 2021 readings 

Priceless Gift of Sanity

“I just enthusiastically renewed my Galaxy Pass membership. Long before 2020, Planet Waves was a trustworthy and reliable media source; today it is one of the only ones. Eric Francis and his team deserve recognition for their priceless gift of sanity.” — Cheryl Corson