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Top Notch Reporting

“I’ve been enjoying my membership since last year. Your reporting is really top notch. I really appreciate your work on dioxins and 9/11, too.” — Anne Barnes, Core Community subscriber Post Views: 0

A Visionary; Grounding Force

“Eric is a visionary…. He and the team have been the only grounding force for me in the last couple of chaotic years…. something which I truly value.” — J. Palmer-Kearns, Core Community subscriber  Post Views: 0

Stunningly Clear; So Very Relevant

“Thank you so very much for a stunningly clear and already-coming-into-fruition overview of this coming year….I have taken copious notes and find it so very relevant. You, Eric, are clearly such a diligent and committed soul. I have infinite respect…

Truly Gifted

“Eric is truly gifted and dedicated to his calling. Making his stellar work a part of my life is an honor and a true blessing.” — Kathleen Sullivan, Backstage Pass subscriber Post Views: 0

Keeps Me Aligned with True North

“I am so deeply grateful for the work you all do; it helps keep me aligned with True North. I’m looking forward to yet another trip around the Sun with Planet Waves.” — Tenaya McCrainie, Core Community subscriber Post Views:…


“I finally had the perfect time to listen with full attention to the Gemini reading I purchased back when it first came out. WOW. I have so much that’s aligned with what Eric spoke of, it’s a comfort, a peace,…

So Grateful

“I value your work very much and have told many friends about you, as well. I’m not sure how I would have managed the last two years without being able to lean into both the astrological reports and the journalism.…