Accurate on every level

Eric reviewed my natal chart — and it was an extraordinary interpretation. I was actually astounded by how accurate Eric’s reading was — on every level: significant years throughout my life (returns), major themes and issues — all spot on.

However, the most valuable information I’ve gotten from Eric’s work over several years are his astrological interpretations of sociopolitical events. His Sunday night broadcast shows have been so grounding and revealing over the past few chaotic years in this country and on this planet. He’s just brilliant about connecting planetary patterns to current events and is gifted at sharing that context with the rest of us.

I so so appreciate and value his dedication to his work and his generosity in sharing so much of his gift.

I could go on, but I don’t want to seem like I’m giving away my own common sense. I just really value being able to access Eric’s well-researched and thoughtful commentaries on current events. He’s not just an astrologer but a reporter, philosopher and activist — both political and environmental.

With so much gratitude,
— Ann Livingston

No-one can write like Eric

I’ve valued your hearts, wisdom, and work for years, and share this information with friends and family over and over again, because in my opinion no one can write like Eric; it is such a gift and yes I realize a cultivation of life’s purpose and work as well. It is so multi-dimensional, and purposeful. I feel that through the pages, and words, and so does the world. Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate you.
Christina Marie

Hope for Humanity

There is Hope for Humanity… There is!
Thank you Eric, for this brilliantly written (as ever) piece. How you manage to pull all the threads together in such a coherent way is beyond me. But I’m so grateful that you do.

Planet Waves continues to inspire and surprise me, and to “knock it out of the park,” even after all these years!

— Linda Rock