Planet Waves

Month August 2021

Deep-Thinking Intellectual Packaged as a Working Man’s Astrologer

“Eric Francis is a deep-thinking intellectual packaged as a working man’s astrologer. His writing is fluid; his perspectives are original. His astrology is eclectic, sometimes radical, yet firmly founded on the classical tradition. He is a fresh voice in the winds of astrology.” — Rick Levine, Founder,, worldwide astrology lecturer

Full Spectrum of Astrological Considerations

“Eric has been deeply dedicated to astrology for decades, and his prolific work is based on the application of astrology to the living field of human experience — bringing awareness to the journey of deepening and awakening, both individual and collective. He engages with the full spectrum of astrological considerations, from the philosophical to the experiential, and I’ve been grateful for the many illuminating (and fun!) exchanges we’ve had down the years.” — Melanie Reinhart, author of Chiron and the Healing Journey

That Rare Breed of Astrologer

“If it were not for Eric Francis’ PLANET WAVES…most people would remain clueless of the richness, splendor and eloquence of this archetypal language. What sets Eric’s written work apart is the spirit of generosity that infuses his unique brand of spiritual anarchy. You see, Eric is that rare breed of astrologer with heart, soul and a mind of his own.” — Antero Alli, astrologer, author, film director

A Rare Beast

“Eric Francis is a rare beast: a skilled astrologer, a stylish writer and an acclaimed investigative journalist.” — Sally Brompton, The New York Post horoscope writer

Shrewd and Sensitive

“Eric Francis is a very nice chap — and a clever one too. He writes with a rare combination of passion and insight and his astrological judgments are both shrewd and sensitive.”  — Jonathan Cainer (1957-2016), horoscope writer, The Daily Mail

Second to None

“Eric has been humbly and consistently serving up his particularly deep and insightful astrology for so long now that I can’t even remember when I first came across his work. His level of research, skill, and understanding is second to none.” — Lara Dale, on Planets in Motion 2022

Tour de Force

“Eric Francis Coppolino’s “Planets in Motion 2022” is a real ‘tour de force.’It seems far more channeled than written.” — Linda Hope, on Planets in Motion 2022