Listen Twice; Really Spot On

I’ve listened to the Virgo reading twice — it’s really spot on. My Capricorn (5th house) childhood was very encapsulated in seriousness. My Virgo rising soul was wound up pretty tight. Definitely learning the value in play lately, in rooting with purpose. And the lure of travel… it’s there. Thank you for so much for this reading, it’s much appreciated. Keep up the great work. — N.T.

Wise, Empowering, Positive and Enlightening

Love my Pisces reading; been getting them for several years. Wise, empowering, positive and enlightening. Can’t wait for the Tarot reading! I love the video readings best; audios are good, too — seems easier for me to take in the message better. Thank you Eric for making this valuable information accessible, affordable and understandable. It is a service to us all.
— Laura Garrity