Planet Waves

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Completely in-depth

The Pisces video is by far the best one. It encompasses the whole spectrum due to the diversity of its nature — being the 12th sign of the zodiac and its nature of encompassing all things. It needs a container like Capricorn maybe. I enjoyed these videos and all of them are surprisingly, completely in-depth. Well not so surprisingly if you have heard Eric speak on other subjects. — Samantha Hampton

Leap of faith

Thank you, oh thank you! As Chiron is/will be scraping back & forth the dsc you may understand my curiosity. I won’t go into specifics, and I do consider myself a novice. I am sent on a quest of remembrance! My fear? Leap of faith from a nursing career to alternative health practice assisting others with their healing journey. Bless the Maker! — Ave Guenther

Key To Complete Understanding

I have Aquarius on my 2nd house and trying to understand it has always puzzled me. You just gave me the key to complete understanding of what it means in my life — I have Chiron and Mercury there. So the idea of thinking about it in terms of the influence of my family certainly resonates with what you explained here. And besides that I love listening to you speak. You are a word warrior with such a unique sense of humor. Thank you for being you. — Samantha Hampton