Praise for Eric Francis

“Eric Francis is a rare beast: a skilled astrologer, a stylish writer and an acclaimed investigative journalist. This perceptive and entertaining account of his journey, from Miracle Manor to hard-nosed reporter to new age enlightenment provides a fascinating insight into one man’s very personal voyage of discovery.”

— Sally Brompton
Horoscope writer, The Mail on Sunday, The New York Post and TV Guide
“As a practicing astrologer and author I protest the widespread damage to the already shaky reputation of astrology perpetuated by 89% of newspaper astrology columns. If it were not for Eric Francis’ PLANET WAVES, and the others in that rarified eleven percent range, most people would remain clueless of the richness, splendor and eloquence of this archetypal language. What sets Eric’s written work apart is the spirit of generosity that infuses his unique brand of spiritual anarchy. You see, Eric is that rare breed of astrologer with heart, soul and a mind of his own. I get the feeling that he deeply cares about whatever he writes yet I also sense this feral quality between the lines. It’s as if his word vessels carry the celebratory screams of someone who has busted out of the restraints of conventional thought, rescued his imagination from the sleep of cultural trance and is now calmly adjusting the way we think about astrology, ourselves and the magical world around us.”

— Antero Alli
Author, Astrologik, The Vertical Oracle, Angel Tech Filmmaker, Tragos, The Greater Circulation, Under a Shipwrecked Moon
“Eric is knowledgeable yet humble. I admire his ability to open my mind with his insights without having to impress me with his expertise. He’s the kind of teacher I like best — specific and authoritative in communicating what he has discovered even as he pushes ahead into the unknown with relentless curiosity.”

— Rob Brezsny
Weekly horoscope columnist, Free Will Astrology (since 1978)
Author, The Televisionary Oracle
“Eric Francis has pulled off the difficult feat of writing a new kind of astrology book — a book which isn’t really about astrology at all — or rather which gives the feel of becoming an astrologer, of practicing the art, and applying it to life. The ups and downs and comical turns of his story are linked, of course, to the movements and dispositions of the planets, so reading his book you unconsciously breathe in a great deal of succinct and telling information on the subject. It’s also the kind of involving and likable book that really makes you want to know the author!”

— Derek and Julia Parker
Authors, Parker’s Astrology and more than 50 other books
Former chairs, Faculty of Astrological Studies, London
“Eric Francis is a very nice chap — and a clever one too. He writes with a rare combination of passion and insight and his astrological judgments are both shrewd and sensitive.”

— Jonathan Cainer
Horoscope writer, The Daily Mail
Author of Jonathan Cainer’s Guide to the Zodiac and The Complete Book of the Zodiac
“This delicious piece of writing from Eric Francis will both delight professionals and encourage students. He is a master of applied astrology, dealing with real issues, real people, and real suffering, while engaging intelligently with the astrological tradition. This is “grassroots” astrology at its best, and very elegant writing, too.”

— Melanie Reinhart
Faculty member, Center for Psychological Astrology and Faculty of Astrological Studies, London. Author of the classic Chiron and the Healing Journey, To the Edge and Beyond and Incarnation
“Eric Francis is a deep-thinking intellectual packaged as a working man’s astrologer. His writing is fluid; his perspectives are original. His astrology is eclectic, sometimes radical, yet firmly founded on the classical tradition. He is a fresh voice in the winds of astrology.”

— Rick Levine
Founder, StarIQ.com, worldwide astrology lecturer
“I have always admired your writing, your commitment to social change and your criticism of conventional belief, and I do think that astrology is total bullshit.”

— Brad Blanton
Author, Radical Honesty and Practicing Radical Honesty
“Eric Frances has some book here. He combines a frenzied intelligence with an adrenaline rushed wit and humor. It’s hard not to be buzzed as you turn the pages, taking a hectic stroll through his warped but wise thinking. The world is about to end and begin at the same time. Eric knows this, and guides us through both its destruction and creation. Caution: If you read this on the toilet you might fall in go swirling down the hole of deep meaning.”

— Scott Kalechstein
Inspirational speaker and singer, Pisces Classmate of Eric from John Dewey High School