One of the Chosen

This is my first experience reading Eric’s astrology. I feel that he has an amazing gift and I am extremely fortunate to be the receiver of this amazing information. It felt that Eric was talking directly to my soul. I feel that I have been given a guidepost on this journey. Divine inspiration comes to only a few and Eric is certainly one of the chosen.
— Rebecca Blessing

Totally Resonant

Your Cosmophilia report was totally resonant at the beginning of the year and reviewing it now was equally affirming. Honestly, I just sat here trying to figure out if there was anything I felt you could add but no — your narrative style is totally engaging and powerfully intuitive. You covered all the bases of relationships, sex, career and general energies with great balance. Thanks for your work.
— Sherry-Lee

Retrogrades Class: No Easy Feat

Eric was able to convey how he uses retrogrades in a way that wasn’t limited by technique; he never loses sight of the whole person. This is incredibly rare with skilled astrologers in practice and to be able to deliver this to people in class is no easy feat…
His is a truly holistic approach and what he delivers is truly one of a kind – something born of a moment that is as true in that moment as it is later on.
– Suzana Da Costa