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Spring Reading totally accurate

Found my Spring Reading totally accurate, and just received an email today with your article about Ken Carey.  It has been years since I read four of his books so I had to dig and found them again.  As a long time student of A Course in Miracles, I was very interested to your reference to it.  So here on my desk are The Starseed Transmissions, Vision, The Third Millenium, and Return of the Bird Tribes. — Jeanne Boyce

And wow

And Wow, Eric, again….not going to repeat all that I said under the Virgo Sign. But what I am going to add here is yes I am in the process of finding my own niche and starting work on my own. This reading has given me a lot of insights. Thank you. — Hilary

Fire Breathing Fish

Brilliant reading, Fire Breathing Fish. Love your maverick personal style too! Onwards, Inwards, Upwards and Outwards! — “watersnake” / Linda   (From the SR page for Libra; have emailed for permission; permission granted for use of first name only)

Took all my courage

Oh Wow Eric…spot on. Yesterday I just closed and resigned from nearly 15 years of corporate homeopathic pharmaceutical life… It took all my courage to muster but it had become too suffocating for me. I just couldn’t stand it anymore, my body was becoming very sick…yet I had and still have to go back to all those imprints that I have inherited from my family about money issues, security…and yes my sexuality. Neither my family ever accepted that I am gay…nor the firm I worked for ever knew…I worked in a very homophobic environment and I could have been fired.…

A lifesaver

“Excellent Spring Reading, Eric! You are a lifesaver. And this Sun sign or whole sign stuff is just as relevant as a natal reading. I loved your cute little dogs in the background — they looked so cozy and adorable and peaceful. You speak with such integrity and conviction and heart in your work. That’s so rare.” — Joel Jodrey