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Amazing Reading

“What an amazing reading – a lot to take in. I confess that I found it really unsettling, to say the least, the prospect of months and months of Mars in Gemini – and the challenges, the digging, the vulnerability just never seem to end. But I think I’m already picking up on a lot of the stuff you describe  – a lot of tough family shit hitting the fan since before last Christmas… I will need to listen to this again… As always, your readings communicate so much care, love, and passion, and the desire to help us to find…

Beautiful, Helpful, Soothing

“Wow. Such a beautiful, helpful reading – soothing my rather tormented and exhausted soul right now, and helping me realize that in spite of everything I’m on the right track. Love ya, Eric.” — Liz Glanville, on TUNE IN 2022 for Cancer Post Views: 1

So Insightful; Clear Direction

I finally had the opportunity to listen to the Respect audio file for my Sun sign, and I cannot say how grateful I am for Eric’s work. It was so insightful, full of optimism, with clear direction as to how to handle myself during these challenging times. As a Cancer, I have been through the wringer, but I’m still standing. What a tremendous labor of love he has bestowed us. — E. Sena Post Views: 1

How clearly you are able to ‘see’ us

Thank you for brightening this gloomy and anxious start to the new year, dear Eric. Fascinating and incredibly helpful reading. It addresses so many questions and challenges I’m facing (some of which I wasn’t fully aware of till now), and is so full of insight. I always find it extraordinary how clearly you are able to ‘see’ us. Bless you and thank you, dearest Eric. — Liz Glanville Post Views: 0

Above and beyond my expectations

Decided this week was to be a reset. Loved that PW ‘RESET’ turned up just in time for the close of year. Anyhow, have to say that this year’s reading has gone above and beyond my expectations. The capacity to speak to us at our various levels of consciousness as if it was a ‘personal’ reading is extraordinary. So helpful to have a summary of the year that was for ‘sense making’ and determining the inner work traversed. It has not been for the faint of heart. Onwards we tread in a time that is challenging and requires the best…