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“I finally had the perfect time to listen with full attention to the Gemini reading I purchased back when it first came out. WOW. I have so much that’s aligned with what Eric spoke of, it’s a comfort, a peace, and an inspiration to keep going.” — D. Hollinshead, on Gemini Astrology Studio for 2022-23 Post Views: 0

so on point, it was as scary as it was comforting

“The horoscope Eric shared regarding January for Gemini was so on point, it was as scary as it was comforting… I thank Mr. Frances and his team for the guidance in the midst of these storms, literal and figurative.” — Tawanna Brown, on the January 2022 Monthly Horoscopes Post Views: 6

WOW, Incredibly Accurate

“WOW, your extended sign description for Gemini is incredibly accurate for me… It really resonates with the reality of life up to now. And I’m delighted you are beginning to use the 7 rays. I have Alice Bailey’s book on Esoteric Astrology but have not found it easy to read! Best wishes and gratitude to you and your team” — Carol Erlund Post Views: 0

A huge parallel

SO GOOD!! I especially loved the information on the transits from two years ago to now, with the quote about the client and how much life has changed from then to now. A huge parallel there. Very accurate with the 8th house and relationships, contracts and negotiations as well as the matrilineal ancestral stuff pertaining to marriage and partnership — all things I’ve been navigating and dealing with over the past few months, finally bringing to a place of resolution on my own terms and releasing history that isn’t mine. That last part about not being able to work in…

major influence over my profound immersion

Dear Eric, I’ve been following you since 2010 and you’ve been a major influence over my profound immersion into astrology. I’m reading through the Gemini intelligence reading you just wrote and I have to say, you are so spot on and with such subtlety of my psyche that I’m experiencing profound gratitude for your work, your trust in what your mind and intuition picks up, and your devotion to your calling. The piece on Absolus (1st house) and on trust (8th house) has revealed a hidden factor that was in process in my field. Thank you. I’m not even done…

Appreciating Greatly

I am listening to the Gemini audio and appreciating it greatly — especially the part about trying to get myself a couple of levels above survival mode. I only just recently realized that I’ve shifted heavily into that mode this year. — Laura Andrews Post Views: 0

His Way of Making Your Life and Experiences Make Sense

I’m an Aries Sun, with Aquarius Rising and Gemini Moon, and listened to all three readings. As always, Eric is extremely encouraging, not just in the energy he brings to the reading, but because of his way of making your life and experiences make sense to you without even needing to speak to you. I find his readings very calming. Planet Waves entered my life at just right time, and I’m so glad it did. I eagerly await all the great work you all put out! — Josh Post Views: 0

Precisely when I need it — Thank you for the work you do

Each year I purchase the annual readings and each time I find myself understanding the depth of it precisely when I need it (or right in the midst of the unfolding), so that I can navigate the energies and alignments in a way that feels right, makes sense and moves me forward. My journey with Chiron has led me to combine my affinity for teaching with healing and connection to Spirit that runs in my family but was never actualized…until I decided to work with it. Your readings have largely contributed to helping me ground this gift. Thank you for…