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Stunningly Clear; So Very Relevant

“Thank you so very much for a stunningly clear and already-coming-into-fruition overview of this coming year….I have taken copious notes and find it so very relevant. You, Eric, are clearly such a diligent and committed soul. I have infinite respect for all the work you do.” — Judith, a LEO, on the Leo Astrology Studio for 2022-23 Post Views: 0

Amazing, Clear, and Concise

“Amazing, clear, and concise reading. Thank you for all of the very useful information… So glad to have all of the readings — just finished Leo, which is my rising sign, and feel that each section deepens the understanding of the others. I look forward to reading and studying all of them.” — Julia Takahashi,  on An Aquarian Era Annual readings Post Views: 3

Well Worth the Investment

“I just listened to my Sun Sign (Aquarius) and Rising (Leo) and enjoyed Eric’s outlook on life in crazy times. Like Abbott and Costello and Shakespeare’s clowns, Eric makes me smile and his work is well worth the investment.” — Robin Cuddy on the Metamorphosis Autumn 2021 readings  Post Views: 0

You Handed Me a Toolbox to Put My Life Back Together

“I’m writing to express my gratitude for All Of Us Here, the Leo edition. To say the last three years have been challenging for me is an understatement and this reading brought me tremendous peace of mind. Not only that, it feels like you handed me a little toolbox I can use to put the pieces of my life back together. Thank you so much for the work you do. On more than one occasion, simply knowing you’re committed to us — your fellow humans and clients — and the fact you show up for us every day, helped me…

Fascinating; Multiple Notes to Self

“I took a third listen to the Leo reading. Found it fascinating, took multiple notes to self. Finding many ideas about my evolving personal growth, spiritual quest, reconsideration of any roles brought about by family patterns etc…All worthy of a deep dive into, as Eric might say ( i had to look this word up), theoroia. Many thanks.” — P. Wilkinson Post Views: 0

Deeply Relevant Counsel

“Thank you, Eric, for your loving guidance. You are someone who I have never met yet you are able to give me deeply relevant counsel as I begin to pick myself up from the last couple of years.” — D. Murphy Post Views: 0