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A lifesaver

“Excellent Spring Reading, Eric! You are a lifesaver. And this Sun sign or whole sign stuff is just as relevant as a natal reading. I loved your cute little dogs in the background — they looked so cozy and adorable and peaceful. You speak with such integrity and conviction and heart in your work. That’s so rare.” — Joel Jodrey Post Views: 0

Enjoyed watching you

“I loved the video format — seeing you in your lovely studio, with chart in hand. Everything, as always, was totally spot on. And I truly enjoyed watching you, instead of just hearing a disembodied voice.” — Liz Glanville Post Views: 0

Looking forward

Excellent piece, Eric. I was a bit apprehensive about this Mars retrograde thing but, now, I’m looking forward to it. And I think that everyone needs a good reappraisal of what they believe and, in fact, I think this is a great time to reconsider everything you believe in. — Val Vadeboncoeur Post Views: 0

Quite extraordinarily precise

There is no way I can begin to describe how spot on you are with this reading concerning the place I have been finding myself in over the few years and in particular from last year onwards. Very astutely described! You say something I literally keep thinking whenever I find myself among people. You are actually quoting a very frequent thought of mine. This is stunning. It is simply beautiful to behold your suggestions for Gemini concerning 2015 It has occurred to me before that your understanding of Gemini is quite extraordinarily precise and I meant to give you that…

Truly a Gift

Thank you for your wonderful work all these years. You words of inspiration carry me through many moments of my life. Please never underestimate what you do – it is truly a gift to all your subscribers. — Michele Mirto Valenzuela Post Views: 0


First of all, thank you for all of your work. Before I started reading this email this morning, I had the thought I have to write to Eric and tell him I appreciate his work. I am really grateful for your creativity, your accessibility, and genuine presence. — Jennifer Asdorian Post Views: 0