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Leap of faith

Thank you, oh thank you! As Chiron is/will be scraping back & forth the dsc you may understand my curiosity. I won’t go into specifics, and I do consider myself a novice. I am sent on a quest of remembrance! My fear? Leap of faith from a nursing career to alternative health practice assisting others with their healing journey. Bless the Maker! — Ave Guenther Post Views: 0

Most helpful

This is superb Eric! And most helpful. You only get better at what you do. Thank you. — Cristine Delorey, internationally acclaimed numerologist Post Views: 0

It always comes back to sex

Thank you, Eric, for speaking my mind about violence in the world and its roots in suppressed/conflicted sexuality. I trace the origin of this screwed up aspect of our national psyche to the Puritan religion injected into our matrix at the beginning of the European invasion. I also see ISIL as the result of conflicted clerics obsessed with our forbidden lady parts (cf. the Ottoman Empire) cloaking themselves in Allah, and then extruding their sexual confusion through a patriarchal template of the most brutal and misogynistic unconsciousness imaginable. That one will take some time to unravel, I’m afraid, because the…