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Reading May Have Saved Her Life

“I purchased the recent audio forecast for Sagittarius that Eric recorded in December. Listened and took notes. One part talked about the need to “get out ahead of” challenging things for this year. I kept having that thought go through my brain, over and over. So I made some long-procrastinated wellness checkups (just got health insurance after five years without). My mammogram showed two small, new clusters that need biopsies. I’m having it done this week. My skin check revealed melanoma at the earliest stage on my arm. I now have a surgery scheduled to get it out. Just wanted…

Like an X-Ray to my Soul

This note is just to let you know how wonderful I find your work–intellectually and spiritually. Your Fall empathy reading for Sagittarius was a like a x-ray to my soul; and your daily horoscope readings are a constant highlight of my day, and always feel intimate. This is just a small way of saying a big THANKS for all you do. Your work, in all seriousness, makes the world a better place. — Mitch Horowitz, PEN Award-winning author of Occult America

Brilliant light of validation

Wow, from the tracing of my origins and genetic lineage, to the family issues to the work related issues, all of it is spot on. It is as if I have been laying the groundwork since last August for what is to come, and its coming! In more ways than one. Thank you for the brilliant light of validation you have shown on more than a few aspects of my life. I highly recommend your readings to friends. — Josie Beug

Fun and valuable

Thanks, Eric. The Sagittarius Spring Reading was extremely fun and valuable; perhaps your most helpful discourse yet. It also complements the Cancer Rising reading very well. As soon as I cued up the video, I knew you were going to rock by the shine in your eyes. Great info about the Great American Eclipse of 2017 in both readings, as well, which I’ll witness high in the Rockies. — Steve Guettermann

You wholly recharged me

You wholly recharged me, thank you. I am working on an exhibition. I have an unprecedented daily studio practice. I am feeling the magic and then the static. Each time I get out of my head and work with my heart and my hands I receive a gift. It’s been deep work and I’m learning about trusting myself. I will pay more attention to ceremony and asking for guidance. Your energy is infectious and your words so comforting. Have a wonderful weekend. — Jennifer

Inside my most precious sanctuary

Eric, you are so right on! Your reading engenders within me feelings of you somehow being able to get inside my mind, inside my heart, and inside my most precious sanctuary…my soul! And yes, Saturn has been going thru my Sun sign, and along with it to make life real exciting, beautiful Neptune has been squaring my Sun. So to say the very least, it has been a time of uncertainty, inspiration, and reflection; where do I put my energy, my creativity, my soul and my spirit; and how do I accomplish what I want to do and need to…

Harnessing Saturn

Wow. I feel like I can go through what you have written and compare it to the timeline of my last year and say: check! check! check! When Saturn entered Sagittarius I wrote up a list of things I wanted to complete that would help me achieve my goals. I’m an artist and a teacher. Using Saturn I started to do the work of considering my resume and what it needed for my art practice and what it needed for my teaching career. *** And finally when I woke from my first surgery I made a plan for my physical…