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Bought readings for my daughter, cousin and a friend

Again. Uncanny. Wow. Totally on point. So much so, I bought readings for my daughter, cousin and a friend as gifts. But the best part isn’t the accuracy and jaw-dropping empowerment I felt; it was the delivery. Eric is so personable, so funny, so engaging, yet able to cut right to the core — it’s like talking with a good friend who loves you and respects you, and wants to see you have the best in life, and is willing to do away with bullshit by being straight and to the point in the most loving, supportive and encouraging way.…

Leap of faith

Thank you, oh thank you! As Chiron is/will be scraping back & forth the dsc you may understand my curiosity. I won’t go into specifics, and I do consider myself a novice. I am sent on a quest of remembrance! My fear? Leap of faith from a nursing career to alternative health practice assisting others with their healing journey. Bless the Maker! — Ave Guenther Post Views: 0

I feel less alone in this universe

Thank you for the Aquarius reading, Eric, as I had a good cry after listening I have struggled so much in this incarnation as an Aquarian — it’s really been a hard row to hoe. But I feel less alone in this universe from listening/viewing the reading. Seems my life in these past years or so has been one big karmic “spring cleaning,” on both the inner and outer levels of my existence. It’s been exhausting on so many levels. My takeaway from the Aquarius reading is a sense of PEACE. You really do UNDERSTAND what Aquarians are going through…

So much depth to incorporate

Thank you Eric, So much depth to incorporate on so many levels! These past 10 years have brought more change and more insight into my life than I ever imagined was possible. I loved when you said that we might re-discover ourselves repeatedly. SO TRUE. The revelations about family issues, ties and generational connections are profound, to say the least. Thank you for addressing all these deep, personal, sometimes wrenching situations. I too wish to express my love and gratitude for the guidance and intensely personal gift you’ve given us. Love & Light, Barb Post Views: 0

So deeply helpful and encouraging

So deeply helpful and encouraging Eric; confirms my experiences recently and over the past 10 years. I’m so curious about what the 8/21 eclipse will bring Saturn in Sagittarius moving to Capricorn this December marks my second Saturn return. I am at a very significant time in my life. Thanks so much for your care and guidance. love, Lisa Post Views: 0

You wholly recharged me

You wholly recharged me, thank you. I am working on an exhibition. I have an unprecedented daily studio practice. I am feeling the magic and then the static. Each time I get out of my head and work with my heart and my hands I receive a gift. It’s been deep work and I’m learning about trusting myself. I will pay more attention to ceremony and asking for guidance. Your energy is infectious and your words so comforting. Have a wonderful weekend. — Jennifer Post Views: 1