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Nothing short of rebirth

As always, a blessing! I’m glad to know there is light at the end of the tunnel, or at least it’s changing from this past decade that has been nothing short of rebirth. And I know there is more to come. I thought it was an interesting analogy: Is it dead? Or is it sleeping? I’d say sleeping most definitely, but there, perhaps breathing a little more slowly than the norm. Or does it simply get down to how long you can hold your breath? I am staying awake. I want to be awake now. I also thought it was…

Best Virgo reading I’ve heard

This is the best Virgo reading I’ve heard on Planet Waves, in that it gives Virgo the agency it deserves without any of that tiresome ‘self-criticism-holds-you-back’ stuff you hear so much. Integrating the 2018 Mars and Venus retrogrades into this reading is so helpful in understanding the dynamic of Chiron and Uranus changing signs Thank you for the 7th house Neptune/Nessus talk, and the 8th house/Chiron piece. As a Virgo rising I could list so many ways this reading applies to my circumstances, but I’ll save that for my journal. So great to listen to this on the last day…

Listen Twice; Really Spot On

I’ve listened to the Virgo reading twice — it’s really spot on. My Capricorn (5th house) childhood was very encapsulated in seriousness. My Virgo rising soul was wound up pretty tight. Definitely learning the value in play lately, in rooting with purpose. And the lure of travel… it’s there. Thank you for so much for this reading, it’s much appreciated. Keep up the great work. — N.T.

One of the best readings to date

After leading ancestral tours for the past 20 years in Ireland & the British Isles, I can say that this is one of the best readings to date. Following you, since I first started doing these tours, the truth of the ancestral DNA trail that is left for us to follow or not follow, to resolve or not resolve, is something we talk about on tour a lot. I call it existential genealogy. My father always asks me what I’m going to gain by doing our ancestry and I’m still not sure, but I keep digging. The insight of 120…

Describes my present journey

Amazing, Eric. I was just thinking last evening that I belong in a way that is not mirrored in my world. Your description “You are at home in the Universe” resonates with my feelings. The journey inward to self-awareness and the “relationship to self as a kind of quest for your original child self” also describe my present journey. So grateful you share your brilliance with the world to bring light and awareness. — LuAnne

Nourished by every reading

Thank you. I’ve been a fan for a few years and always feel nourished by every reading — my own and others. This particular reading hit home and felt like a swoop of fresh air pointing me home. Thank you again. Re-reading it is going to be an on-going pleasure. — Elaine Sonne