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Tarot and Divination Class: Now I can speak the language

I wanted to write and say thank you again for providing this class. I just finished an intense 24-hour-long tarot training course, which started out with listening to this class. I have been studying tarot from books for a couple of years now, so I had some basic knowledge, but no practical experience. I remained intimidated by the woo-woo factor and fear of getting it wrong.

Eric, the way you articulate the beginning moments of the reading, and the mental process of the reader in such a way that de-mystifies it, made it so much easier for me to jump in, which I did. By mid-morning on Sunday, I was leading most of the discussions on card interpretations. The instructor was listening in on all of my readings and adding very little. It was gratifying, if a little exhausting.

I feel like someone who was living in a foreign country, where they only speak enough of the language to get by, to being someone who can now follow the conversation and engage. I still have a lot of practice to do, but at least now I can speak the language. Thank you for helping me crack that open.

— Jocelyn Allton

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