Tarot and Divination Class: Now I can speak the language

I wanted to write and say thank you again for providing this class. I just finished an intense 24-hour-long tarot training course, which started out with listening to this class. I have been studying tarot from books for a couple of years now, so I had some basic knowledge, but no practical experience. I remained intimidated by the woo-woo factor and fear of getting it wrong.

Eric, the way you articulate the beginning moments of the reading, and the mental process of the reader in such a way that de-mystifies it, made it so much easier for me to jump in, which I did. By mid-morning on Sunday, I was leading most of the discussions on card interpretations. The instructor was listening in on all of my readings and adding very little. It was gratifying, if a little exhausting.

I feel like someone who was living in a foreign country, where they only speak enough of the language to get by, to being someone who can now follow the conversation and engage. I still have a lot of practice to do, but at least now I can speak the language. Thank you for helping me crack that open.

— Jocelyn Allton

Become Your Own Astrologer: Validated so much

Eric, you’ve provided such an amazing amount of resources to get started with. I have to agree that casting your own charts provokes a deeper understanding of the various parts of astrology: planets, signs, aspects in relation to each other. I loved what you said about reading all you can about, say for example, Venus in Aquarius, before adding your own ideas about that placement. You validated so much for me. And I love the idea of blogging, or at least writing down one’s ideas about different aspects. Thank you for such a great course and for such awesome resources.

— Rochelle L.

Become Your Own Astrologer: Got some real gems

Thank you for an amazing list of foundational resources. I got some real gems from the class, including (but not limited to):
Watch the game (of life) by casting charts
Develop a healthy relationship with the Unknown
Astrology is a system of relational knowledge
Layering as a concept for continued learning and growth

And the Bottom line: Learn by doing!

— Cynthia

Open and accepting group space

I am a Planet Waves Backstage Pass member and have been in four of Eric’s classes so far — Tarot, the Houses, Karma, and Eroticism. The open and accepting group space Eric creates welcomes participation. I tried out ideas. Took chances. Laughed out loud. Listening to how Eric works with others, gently, with an open heart, was as instructive as any of the content covered. But the content was potent too. As a result I did my first public tarot readings. I’ve made more sense of my love life, and become a better friend to my 12th house.

You start out thinking that four hours for a tele-class is a long time but it flies by. The audio-only format is incredibly intimate. Your hear from people you might otherwise never meet, who all have something to offer. And when I refer to my class notes from time to time I can hear it all in my mind again, so the experience has a long after-life. Thanks to Eric and to Planet Waves for these opportunities to take a deeper dive into the esoteric arts.
— Cheryl Corson

An examination

Interesting class. My current interest in money issues is largely focused on examining toward dismantling the racism and sexism currently hard-wired into our economic systems including the equation of wealth with value of the person. Caregiving is very undervalued economically relative to its actual value, for example.
— Karlie Cole

Compelling topic

A compelling topic, and was very moved by the openness of everyone on the call. Makes me want to have an ongoing eroticism class so we can ‘practice’ talking ‘tabu’ to one another and then be able to hold it in the outer circles. Another medicine much needed in our world. Thank you to everyone who shared their charts with us all.
— Sharon Adolph Simmons

Booster rocket

Thanks again for this booster rocket on the houses. I am relieved to know I can stop thinking about those house rulerships (Mars rules the first, etc.), which never made sense to me, and focus more on the rulers of the house cusps. So helpful. Also helpful was the advice to keep it real – look at mundane examples – not get so abstract, or always so psychological, as a way of learning more and of using the tools in a more practical way. It was very good to hear more about the distinction between the whole sign house system and the Placidus/Koch systems, and when each is helpful. And it will be fun to look at some extreme northern latitude charts in different house systems. That explanation and example was great. So was the reminder that the chart is a schematic diagram, not a literal map. Great analogy of Broadway and the NYC subway map. So many good images and ideas. Thank you!
Great way to spend a rainy afternoon.
— Cheryl Corson