Completely in-depth

The Pisces video is by far the best one. It encompasses the whole spectrum due to the diversity of its nature — being the 12th sign of the zodiac and its nature of encompassing all things. It needs a container like Capricorn maybe. I enjoyed these videos and all of them are surprisingly, completely in-depth. Well not so surprisingly if you have heard Eric speak on other subjects.
— Samantha Hampton

Concise, Positive, Enlightening and Easy to Understand

I loved the Pisces birthday reading — I found it very concise, positive, enlightening and easy to understand; I love that he does not just give “information,” like what planets are coming and going, but also what that means for my sign, and how to make the best use of that transit or placement. Like having the issues that might be a challenge, and he offers insight on how best to work it for my highest good. Always informative! Presented with humor, and sensitivity!
— Laura Garrity

Wise, Empowering, Positive and Enlightening

Love my Pisces reading; been getting them for several years. Wise, empowering, positive and enlightening. Can’t wait for the Tarot reading! I love the video readings best; audios are good, too — seems easier for me to take in the message better. Thank you Eric for making this valuable information accessible, affordable and understandable. It is a service to us all.
— Laura Garrity

Massive transformative times

Thank you Eric, very helpful to have your perspective. As a Piscean (with Scorpio rising and Moon in Cancer forming a grand trine — all very watery) I have certainly experienced massive transformative times and have been set on a journey with many unexpected twists and turns. It is so interesting how we ride waves which take us to places we do not know exist and this happens regardless and in spite of our desires, or ideas of where we need to end up. All good, even when I end up in a space that is hard.

Right now I feel that this time of settling into who and what I am is a lonely one and of necessity isolating, and at times very painful as old patterns are sloughed off like old dead skin. Relationships have changed so much and it has hurt at times and continues to be hard. The wonderful thing is that underneath all of that I feel really solid, grounded and able.

Last night I had a dream about oppression; I saw clearly the image of the Tarot Voyager card that came up for me the other day. It is all about letting go. Old patterns that oppress and keep us enslaved in a way I guess. Man, I don’t know what will happen. A ride for sure. I am about to turn 65 years old and still there is so much more to be done! Love and truly gratefully,

— Trudy Austin

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I will find my way to serve

I am so grateful for you, Eric Francis…you have no idea. I wish I could meet you face-to-face, especially now, with all the crazy in the U.S. I love to imagine that you ‘know’ me already, in some ‘kindred spirit’ sort of way. And, yet, I also imagine that everyone who reads your work feels the same way.

I am excited to acknowledge that the emerging you speak of so heavily, is happening. While frightening, I am beyond excited to reveal my Truth to those I love and those I have yet to meet. I am a healer, whatever that means. I will find my way to serve, to work for God, as you put it. Finally. I appreciate the love you put into these bigger projects and all your writings. Thank you, emphatically, for sharing your gifts with all of us. I am inspired by you to be true to myself. Namaste.

— Kathleen Judd

Awakens my spirit

I am grateful that you laced the horoscope with subtleties filled with love and balance as the proper foundation for leading my own life! Always spot on in your horoscopes Eric. I sense a high energy of urgency everywhere and to read your interpretations of the cosmos as it relates to me, once again, awakens my spirit. Thank you!

— “Pisces Sun”

(Was commenting on horoscopes for Pisces Sun & Leo rising.)


Dear all at Planet Waves,
This is a note sent with huge gratitude for what you do and what you write; it’s cosmic-sensical and beautifully appropriate.

I have not become a member because since 2001 I have not taken a salary for work but given time where it was needed; and now find myself in an awkward place where I don’t want to “steal” your efforts and am happy with my occasional browsing of your site. No more or less is needed but I do feel I need to let you know how much I appreciate all that is offered on your site and wish you all the very best.

Thank you for giving the access you do, and when I am in a position to contribute I will.

With appreciation
— Carol

The Way Things Are

Thank you for your dedication to these audio segments. I’ve spent my free moments today listening to my sun sign Sagg, my rising and moon Pisces, and Aquarius where I have Saturn in the last degree and is the sun sign of significant others. No longer am I amazed that what you convey is spot on… it’s just the way things are.
— Rob Moore