A gift and valuable resource

Dear Eric and friends,
The opening quote articulated my experiences and provided the confirmation of what has certainly been an adventure. The leadership aspect of what you offered really assists me to understand what my being is up to in the world of work. True, it is rarely discussed in astrology in this way for Cancer. It is not always an easy road, but it is certainly not dull.

This year I have shifted direction and am discerning what parts need to come with, and what needs to be left as no longer required. This is across relationships, views, methods and tribes. Your articulated integration of the various dimensions influenced through the realms is a gift and valuable resource in curating the conditions required. Received with gratitude.
Much love,

I am becoming who I seek to become

My dear Eric,
As always, the reading comes at exactly the right moment. The divine timing serves to remind me of how connected I am: my ‘work’ is a joyous extension of who I am; my deeply held spiritual beliefs are part of my every day life; I am strong and trusted.

I am grateful for the reminder of the connection between my microcosm and the larger macrocosm that reading your materials always provides. I am affirmed: I am in the right place; I am consciously healing and growing; I am making good choices and becoming who I seek to become. And this is the art of becoming. Blessings, Eric.
— Jennifer

I will put this in a very safe place

“What Chiron has taught you the past eight years is that you have an inner teacher, and that’s the most important one to trust, and to listen to. Your inner teacher will speak to you all day and all night, if you are listening. If you do, as A Course in Miracles says, ‘You will be told all you need to know.'”

This is something I have indeed learned over these years, but often need reminding of. And I so love the Course in Miracles quote.

I will put this in a very safe place, and reread it over the coming days, weeks, months.

And I needed this, too: “Your natural spirituality takes up residence in your daily activity far more easily than it does for most other people. This is one of the main distinctions between you and most others.”

This has been an extremely tough beginning of the year — it seems that I’m no longer being allowed to play out my life without really addressing what/who runs it from the shadows. You write about all this so brilliantly. Thank you for this stunning reading, dear Eric, for your extraordinary insights, wisdom and guidance. Much love xxxx

— Liz

Depth and strength

Eric, I enjoyed the depth and strength of the Cancer reading. How apropos to do it so close to the moment of the Capricorn Full Moon, Sun in Cancer, moment. I felt deeply connected to much of the reading, both the current moment (turning point), and the historical energy (Pluto in Capricorn). Indeed it has been an intense and deeply revealing time in my relationship life. Thanks for your depth psychology and therapy references, they resonate with me, and speak to the foundational level work I’ve been doing in therapy this past year.

— Jennifer Cobb, Backstage Pass member, on the 2017 Cancer Birthday Reading