Feels Personal To My Life / Listening and Re-Listening

I have *really* been enjoying my Capricorn sun sign Empathy reading, listening and re-listening. Like others have said, it feels personal to my life, even though you’ve interpreted the astrology off of a group chart. It’s awesome! I am going to add the purchase of my Scorpio rising sign also. Thank you for all that you do. — Chris D.

So spot-on – you’ve been an enormous help and inspiration

The accuracy of your readings is so spot-on, Eric. I am a Cap sun, Pisces Moon and Rising. Can you relate to me? Ha! Anyway, since 2009, I have been through divorce, sold a house, lived in three rental condos, moved to Australia from Canada and now live half the year in each country; have had two jobs where I soared and then bottomed out, and am now retired by choice and am with a new partner. Oh, and I had my daughter tell me she is becoming a man, so now I have a son. If that ain’t upheaval, then I don’t know what is; there is more but I won’t bore you all with it.

I am writing sporadically (when I am not either moving or dealing with some bloody crisis) and one day hope to turn this crazy life of mine into a book. You have been an enormous help and inspiration to me through it all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
— Deb

I feel like I have found a long-lost piece of myself

Incredible! As a Capricorn who has been demolished by Pluto and searching for myself for a long time, I cried so many times reading this. I feel like I have found a long-lost piece of myself through your writings, today especially through The Art of Becoming. I feel hopeful and even inspired. 🙂 Bravo Eric, you are brilliant, wise, and encouraging as always. Many thanks to you and the entire Planet Waves team for bringing this to life!

— Amy Welchez