Accurate on every level

Eric reviewed my natal chart — and it was an extraordinary interpretation. I was actually astounded by how accurate Eric’s reading was — on every level: significant years throughout my life (returns), major themes and issues — all spot on.

However, the most valuable information I’ve gotten from Eric’s work over several years are his astrological interpretations of sociopolitical events. His Sunday night broadcast shows have been so grounding and revealing over the past few chaotic years in this country and on this planet. He’s just brilliant about connecting planetary patterns to current events and is gifted at sharing that context with the rest of us.

I so so appreciate and value his dedication to his work and his generosity in sharing so much of his gift.

I could go on, but I don’t want to seem like I’m giving away my own common sense. I just really value being able to access Eric’s well-researched and thoughtful commentaries on current events. He’s not just an astrologer but a reporter, philosopher and activist — both political and environmental.

With so much gratitude,
— Ann Livingston

Massive transformative times

Thank you Eric, very helpful to have your perspective. As a Piscean (with Scorpio rising and Moon in Cancer forming a grand trine — all very watery) I have certainly experienced massive transformative times and have been set on a journey with many unexpected twists and turns. It is so interesting how we ride waves which take us to places we do not know exist and this happens regardless and in spite of our desires, or ideas of where we need to end up. All good, even when I end up in a space that is hard.

Right now I feel that this time of settling into who and what I am is a lonely one and of necessity isolating, and at times very painful as old patterns are sloughed off like old dead skin. Relationships have changed so much and it has hurt at times and continues to be hard. The wonderful thing is that underneath all of that I feel really solid, grounded and able.

Last night I had a dream about oppression; I saw clearly the image of the Tarot Voyager card that came up for me the other day. It is all about letting go. Old patterns that oppress and keep us enslaved in a way I guess. Man, I don’t know what will happen. A ride for sure. I am about to turn 65 years old and still there is so much more to be done! Love and truly gratefully,

— Trudy Austin

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Reading through all the signs

So grateful to you, Eric and friends, for all that is offered in service and love. This is my first time reading through all the signs and they are all amazingly insightful! All the readings for the signs I was born under, Aquarius, Scorpio and Aries were right on. The Scorpio reading described my life right now and was much needed! Thank you!
— Columba Genubath

Proud to commend

A quick word from the hills of Mid Wales, UK, with deep appreciation to all of the team who produce such extraordinary and powerful sun sign astrology.

With Eric’s insights, Len’s input, the beautiful website and all the fine investigative, zeitgeisty cultural and photographic work, I love it. And I’ve been proud to commend it to friends and family several of whom now subscribe. I’ve also been delighted to contribute to the Annual.

Keep up the fine work and long may it spread and grow. It means so much to us all, right round this beautiful planet.
— Phil Brachi